It’s been almost twelve hours, the horse was exhausted and so were they, but Zack insisted that they try to move on. Mizaki managed to convince him to stop and let them rest. The horse also needed water and hay plus they haven’t eaten anything as well. Zack agreed and stopped by the first lake he saw. He got down from the horse who grunted and neighed in annoyance. He helped Mizaki down, she was about to take the horse to drink something when Zack shook his head and told her to just set up camp and he’d do it. While Zack took the horse to the lake, Mizaki set up a tent and fished around their supplies for something to eat. She found bread, cheese and milk. For now she decided they should have that and maybe later after they have rested she could start a fire and cook something decent.

Zack came back with the horse that seemed less annoyed, he gave it some of the hay they brought along in the supply. The horse ate it happily. Zack and Mizaki had their meal then moved inside the tent ready to sleep, “Miza, you won’t leave me right?” Zack asked suddenly in a small whisper as he laid next to her, his black wings was folded securely behind him, “I won’t Zack, but you know once things settle down, I’ll have to go to Toxian City.” Mizaki replied back sleepily. Zack’s red eyes glowed a bit but returned back to normal, he stroked Mizaki’s hair with one finger as he shifted next to her, she was facing the other way so he couldn’t see her face nor could she see his. “Don’t go to Toxian City.” He whispered into her ear, Mizaki didn’t respond as she began breathing slowly. He sighed realizing she drifted off to sleep. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to himself as he closed his eyes as well.

Zack woke up suddenly finding Mizaki gone, he rushed out of the tent with a panicked expression on his face only to find a huge spread of food over a mat and he noticed Mizaki’s form near the lake, he heaved a sigh of relief and moved towards her, she smiled, “Good morning, sleepy head.” he snorted, “Morning, did you sleep well?” he asked gently, she nodded and then they both went to eat the meal she prepared. After they finished clearing up, Mizaki was fishing through her bag pack while Zack took the horse near the lake again. She felt a jolt of shock hit her when she touched the small book Actov gave her, she frowned and took the book out, it opened in front of her instantly and she read a huge note from Actov.

~Mizaki, you’re in danger, get out of there at once, Mrs. Quesada sent us a warning, it’s a dangerous warning, we’re going to arrive there before dawn, don’t trust Zachery anymore, he chose the wrong side. He killed his own mother. He is deceiving you, don’t believe anything he says. Mrs. Quesada managed to send me a warning through her journal and the moment I got it, I tried to reach you but you were gone, I believe you’re with Zachery but he is probably covering your tracks so we can’t track you down, Mr. Howard and I are going to try our best to find you, I just hope you brought this book with you and you could see this as soon as possible, we don’t want to lose you to the dark side. ~

Mizaki frowned as she read that, she couldn’t breathe again, she looked up towards the lake noticing Zack was still with the horse. She took a pen out from her bag pack quickly and scribbled something in response trying to take slow deep breaths.

~ How did he kill his own mother? I was there, he said they were attacked, this isn’t possible, this is Zack we’re talking about. I am not sure where we’re going but we’re Far East from where the bungalow is located. ~

Before she could even move to the next line Actov replied her instantly.

~Be on your guard at all times, he is taking you towards the base of the dark side. We’re setting off now, try to break the spell he put on you, he might have taken Mrs. Quesada’s staff. Be strong, Mizaki. I know this may be hard, I have heard about your bond with Zachery but I am sure you’ll make the right choice. ~

Mizaki scribbled the word ‘Noted.’ Quickly just as she heard Zack’s voice, “What’s that?” he asked pointing at the book in her hand. A number of thoughts rushed through her head as she played back the scene when she found Mrs. Quesada dead, the way Zack stopped her from contacting Mr. Howard, the way he convinced her his black wings were the cause of him over using his power, why did she trust him blindly?

She eyed him trying to control her expression, “It’s just a book.” She said and shoved it into her bag pack quickly. Zack narrowed his eyes at her, he knew when Mizaki was lying, she is such a bad liar, “May I see it.” Mizaki’s expression went blank, “No.” she stated her cheeks flushing red with anger.

Zack noticed her expression and sighed, “How did you find out?” he asked simply moving closer to her, she stepped backwards until she felt her back against a tree, he continued moving closer until there was no space between them. Mizaki held her bag pack tightly keeping her angry eyes on him. He grabbed her by the shoulders, “I did it for us, so we could be together.” He said in that same eerie tone, “We could rule the world together, we’re powerful, and my dad is a much better teacher than her. So it’s not such a waste.” Mizaki pushed him off her, “You killed our teacher, our protector…your mother. How could you?!” she yelled at him, tears flowing down her cheeks. Zack eyed her with a pained expression but moved in closer to her and tried to cuff her cheeks and press his lips upon hers, the roots of the tree suddenly busted from the ground and wriggled around his arms and legs and pulled him off of Mizaki, she glared at him picking up her bag pack which she dropped when he tried to kiss her, “You’re not the same Zack anymore.” She stated wiping the tears from her face, her green eyes began to glow.

Zack spread his black wings glaring at Mizaki, “I thought you’d never leave me, Miza. I wanted you to be with me till the very end, but you’re too soft!” he shouted at her, “It will lead you to your doom.”  He summoned his sword and slashed at the roots but more kept on coming, Mizaki’s green eyes continued to glow, she just glared at him controlling the roots, trying to make them engulf his form. “You are going to be mine, Miza. One day, you will be mine.” Mizaki’s skin began to grow paler as she heard him, she shook her head, “Never, Zack. Never.” She stated and one of the roots she was controlling was shooting forward aiming to stab Zack in his heart.