That one root that was aiming for Zack’s heart got engulfed in flames and exploded, slowly all the other roots began to burn, so did the tree, everything around them began to burn, Mizaki’s green eyes stopped glowing as she gritted her teeth, she felt the pain of nature around as it began to burn, “You bastard.” She muttered eyeing Zack as he landed on the ground his black wings spread and his sword in his hand, “Thanks Dad, I knew you’d come.” Zack said towards someone behind Mizaki, she flipped around to be greeted by a huge punch on her face which caused her to fall back on the ground. She wiped the blood that flowed from her nose and spitted out some, Gustav laughed, “She is very frail, I told you it was a big mistake to try and get her.” Zack just eyed his father with a blank expression then eyed Mizaki. He didn’t make a move and just watched her. The fire all around them began to circle around her form, she took in deep breaths feeling it so close to her skin, she never liked fire and now she hated it all the more, the pain it caused nature and the slow painful death it brings to people.

Mizaki managed to keep her bag back under herself as the fire seemed to spread, she didn’t bother to get up for she knew if she did Gustav would probably just throw her back on the ground, she tried to gain control of any of nature’s roots but all of them were crying in pain by being burnt, “Sorry.” Mizaki mumbled to herself and decided to form a shield around her instead. Gustav shook his head eyeing Mizaki, “Tsk, what a waste, she won’t even fight back.” He moved over towards her form and kicked her hard on the side. Mizaki gritted her teeth and clutched her sides closing her eyes; sure the shield protected her from magic but not physical attacks. Zack just remained watching despite the burning flames around them. Gustav seemed to walk through the burning flames, he reached downward to grab a fistful of Mizaki’s hair and drag her up towards his face, “You’re a pathetic little thing, you think I’d let you hurt my son?” He said then threw her across the burning tree. Zack clenched his fist but didn’t make a move as Mizaki hit the tree hard, she fell back on the ground some of the fire having caught her skin, she had burns on the side of her arms and she was bleeding in various places.

She suddenly felt a calm feeling sweep over her, she didn’t hurt anymore and the fire around them seemed to have disappeared. “What the fuck?” She heard Gastov’s angry voice then she heard that familiar accent, “Why, greetings gentlemen.” Mr. Howard said in a cheery tone; she opened her eyes just in time to see him tipping his top hat towards Gustav. Gustav just glared at him while Mr. Howard pointed his guns at the dark angel. Mizaki felt her wounds healing, she had no clue how but the headache she felt and the stinging burns were all gone. She quickly stood up only to feel a warm hand on her shoulder’s she turned behind her to see Actov in his usual formal attire, he smiled towards her, his silver tooth shining slightly, he nodded once before waving his index finger to summon a cane sword. Zack growled, “You both have no business here. I’ll kill you if you don’t leave.” Actov narrowed his gaze towards Zack, “Manners, Zachery, Manners, we’re not leaving without Mizaki.” He stated, Gustav snickered summoning his staff to aim it towards Mr. Howard who just scoffed, “I am insulted by your choice of defense, sir.” He said. Mizaki summoned her own swords now that her strength was restored.

In the distance they heard loud chattering which made Mr. Howard cringe, “Oh damn it, I told her I wasn’t going out with her and now she always have to crash my parties.” He groaned just as the lady in leather appeared behind Mr. Howard, he shifted back a bit to keep both her and Gustav in his sight, “Greetings Lady Roshel, this is a bad timing to discuss date schedules.” Rochel glared at him, her redish-yellow eyes twinkling in the sunlight. Her minions were all behind her like a band of army chattering to themselves as usual in thier cloaks, “I see you have quite a crowd of people Gustav, I knew my services would be required so I brought us some more companions.” She said in her squeaky voice then about five figures just dashed next to her in a flash of lightning speed then bowed, “We’re at your service.” They stated in unison then flashed their fangs towards Mr. Howard. “Great work, Miss Rochel.” Gustav said looking pleased, his form began to emit dark shadows.

Mr. Howard grumbled, “Always bringing the ones I hate the most.” He gripped his gun tightly glancing towards Actov and Mizaki, they knew they were outnumbered now. A crazy witch in leather with her minions, a few vampires and two dark angels weren’t really something a witch and two wizards could handle. Mizaki took deep breaths seeing how many people they have to battle, she managed to regain control of the roots and they shot up from the ground and began attacking everyone except Mr. Howard and Actov. Mr. Howard kissed his guns and leaped into the air aiming one for Rochel and the other for Gustav shooting at them both. Zack gripped his sword and ran towards Mizaki and Actov. Actov moved passed Mizaki to engage in a fight with Zack using his cane sword. Mizaki just focused on the roots which were killing off most of Rochel’s minions. The five vampires moved together towards Mizaki, all of them looking identical, they flashed their fangs at her and charged, she used her dual swords to slash, dodge, evade and make them bleed a little. Unlike the one she fought before, they didn’t seem that powerful. Her roots managed to stab through the heart of one of them which caused them to turn to dust instantly. The Fight has begun.