Mizaki threw her bag pack in the back of the mini van along with all the other items; she also had this huge grin on her face. David and Dahlia were smiling as they watched Mizaki look over the items in the back of the van with Molly just next to her dictating items she thought was important and Miza announcing, “check!”, to each of the mentioned items. David just shook his head muttering something about not believing that its Mizaki’s first time to have ever gone camping. Mizaki just rolled her eyes catching his mutter. Dahlia hit David upside the head like she usually does to everyone. Mizaki got a huge hug from Molly before she got into the van next to David who was driving while Dahlia lay lazily in the back. “You kids be safe now and watch out for that chain guy.” Francesco said seriously eyeing the three of them as he continued blurting out instructions. The Furkans were a bit hesitant to allow Mizaki on a road trip especially with the recent happenings but they decided to have more faith in their daughter and give her a bit of freedom. Mizaki’s face was bright with excitement after they bid their final farewells while David started the van and they were on their way. The trio was going to have a great semester break of one week away from the orphanage and out in the unknown all on their own.

He just sat on his chair with a sadistic grin on his face as he listened to her screams with his eyes close, he could’ve watched her suffering through his glasses but he preferred to just listen to her screams of pain and mercy. She knew he was watching her; she has been held captive by him for a week now and has studied his methods and ways but this was too much of torture for her to bear, she tried not to scream, not to give him the pleasure, but she already passed her breaking point and as she lay suspended in mid air with nothing but chains of spikes wrapped around her bruised body, she decided to hold on to whatever consciousness she had left until she couldn’t any longer. She just stopped breathing. Once the screaming stopped he opened his eyes slowly adjusted his glasses and eyed her lifeless body suspended by his work of art for a while before he began to clean up the mess.

David, Dahlia and Mizaki were taking driving shifts so that each of them had proper rest; they stopped over at a gas station and motel so they could get a good and peaceful sleep. Before they realized it they were on the road again and then they finally reached their destination. Mizaki squealed when she reached the turn in the road revealing the camping sites, the view was lovely and they had a lot of climbing and hiking to do before they reached their desired spot. It was decided to leave the van behind, they were going to camp for three days and three nights so they just took all the necessary items they needed like their tents, rock climbing gears, few clothes and all the food that they brought. It was easily divided amongst the three and they set of ready for their hike. While they were climbing, Dahlia kind of slipped and twisted her ankle, Mizaki was worried the girl wouldn’t be able to make it for the rest of the way so they decided to stop for a bit while David fished around for the first aid kit. She was massaging Dahlia’s ankle and waiting impatiently for the first aid kit when her hand started glowing green and both the girls looked wide eyed and stunned while David finally found the kit and announced,”Found it!” not noticing the glowing yet but when he saw their expressions he turned to look towards Mizaki’s glowing hand and dropped the kit. When the greenish glow finally faded Dahlia broke the silence with a gasp as she stretched her ankle then eyed the frozen Mizaki, “You’re definitely not normal.” She stated, Mizaki took her hand back eyeing them as if something was totally not right, David cleared his throat and picked up the first aid kit not commenting on what they saw, “My ankle is all healed.” Dahlia said towards Mizaki and stood up jumping around to show them. Mizaki was still speechless, while David just remained silent as if trying to get over what he saw, only Dahlia seemed to be cheerful about the whole thing and she wouldn’t stop talking and poking Mizaki about it.