The fight continued on and on. Mizaki was holding off all the vampires coming at her, she felt her powers drained and she was exhausted. Zack and Actov were fighting intensely  Zack seemed to get the upper hand. His sword was about to hit actov in the chest when Mizaki sent a root to stop it, Zack glared at her just at that moment a vampire managed to push her on the ground, she kicked at it and stabbed it with her sword on the side when another vampire tried pulling at her swords, her roots saved her by stabbing through each of the vampire’s chest turning them into dust. Across the distance, growling could be heard and a huge swarm of ugly green trolls appeared. Roshel’s minions kept on multiplying. Hope seemed to diminish, Actov managed to jump towards Mizaki and pull her up just as Mr. Howard fell on the ground in front of them and he was badly injured. Actov and Mizaki picked him up from either side; Mizaki’s roots swirled around them forming a shield around the three of them. “We’re fucked.” Mr. Howard muttered under his breath still gripping his guns despite his injured form. “We have to escape.” Actov whispered, Mizaki sighed heavily still focusing on the roots.

Zack, Gustav and Roshel moved in front of the three with all the minions, trolls and vampires right behind them, “Should we play around or just finish them off quickly?” Gustav asked his reddish eyes just like his Son’s glimmering in the sunlight. Roshel giggled, “It’s not fun to just finish them, let’s have a party, a bloody one, I am sure you guys would love that.” She said eyeing the vampires; they all nodded in unison, “Our boss will be happy.” They said all together. Zack kept his gaze on Mizaki, his expression as blank as ever. Mizaki eyed him, wondering if the real Zack was within that monster or was he gone forever. She sighed and her roots kept on poking at anything that tried to approach them.

A bright white feather floated in front of Mizaki, she could hear the ruffling of feathers, she blinked and an angel with silver armor and bright white wings landed with his back facing them his wings spreading and he held a silver sword, “Miss me?” he questioned turning his head to eye Mizaki. She smiled big despite her tired state, “David.” She said heaving a sigh of relief, before she could say anything further a familiar form shimmered in front of her with a huge smile on its face and the usual curly black hair, Dahlia giggled eyeing Mizaki’s surprised expression, “Yes, I am here too! Like I would pass the chance to get to see you again.” She said then turned around seeing the huge line of enemies, “Damn, on second thought, I shouldn’t have come! There aren’t even any cute guys amongst all those ugly things!” she whined. David rolled his eyes, “Women!” he muttered under his breath.

Gustav eyed the new arrivals, “So, a holy one and another witch. That just increases the challenge.” He said eyeing David, “We do need a new feather duster.” He murmured. David laughed, “I am sure you could make fine ones with your own since they are black and all.” He grinned and before he could make a move, Dahlia already levitated in the air and caused a huge explosion killing off half of Roshel’s minions. She laughed as she summoned her white sword and slashed each vampire right in their heart turning them into dust. David smirked proudly, “Now that’s my apprentice.” He said and charged towards Gustav. The fight continued as Mizaki’s closest friends joined in. She couldn’t help but keep the huge smile on her face feeling the rush of warm emotions flow within her, she managed to heal Mr. Howard slightly who grinned, “You got some fine friends there, dear.” He said then charged towards Roshel with his guns. She hissed at him and formed her usual shield to backfire his bullets towards him which he dodged professionally.

Actov was calculating the scene, he noticed Dahlia fighting off the angry mob of monsters, so he decided to go give her a hand, he leaped towards her with his cane sword in hand extending his index finger to throw off anything blocking his path. He smiled and bowed like a gentlemen just when she had a moment to pause, she winked at him and quickly slashed at a troll that was about to get him from behind, he waved his index finger again to throw off a vampire that almost grabbed her, “I like you already!” she exclaimed then they both stood back to back and while Dahlia created more elemental explosions of fire, water, earth and a huge gust of wind throwing each minion back or causing them to explode. Actov and Dahlia made a good team despite his formal attire and her rugged appearance.

Mizaki eyed Zack and he eyed her, they both knew it comes down to the two of them. Mizaki gripped her swords and before she rushed towards him, he already jumped towards her his sword ready to slash. She placed her swords against each other in front of her to block of his attack which caused her to bend down towards the ground. She gritted her teeth and with the help of her roots that already began to wriggle around Zack’s form she pushed him off. He slashed at her roots and glared at her, “All this could’ve been avoided if you just decided to stay with me.” He said in a blank tone and aimed another slash at her. She blocked it off glaring at him not replying or saying anything.

Dahlia and Actov finished off all the minions and vampires. They stood side by side looking around for the others. Mr. Howard got Roshel on her knees, she didn’t create any more minions for she was weak. He pointed one of his guns in her head, she hissed towards him and before she could shimmer out Mr. Howard grabbed her hand, “No, me lady, we’re going on that date you’ve been dying for.” He grinned. David and Gustav were still at it, both the dark staff and David’s silver sword making a huge clanging noise as they impacted on each other. They weren’t fighting in the ground but they were battling in the air like two angry black and white eagles. Zack and Mizaki were still fighting as well. It was hard to tell who was getting the upper hand. David sent a surge of holy power towards Gustav which caused him to lose control of his staff, it fell from his hand and he yelled in anger and swooshed towards it but David was too quick he sent his sword through Gustav’s side. This caused Zack to retract from Mizaki and he took off into the air in time to catch his father’s staff. He glared at David then at Mizaki on the ground just in time to dodge one of her dark swords. Zack flew next to his dad and wrapped an arm around his waist, “Let’s get out of here Dad.” He whispered. Gustav nodded and growled, “You’ll all perish.” he roared then disappeared along with his son in a thick black cloud that swirled in the air before subsiding.

David flew down next to Mizaki extending his arms for a hug. Mizaki hugged him back tightly, “Thanks so much, David.” Dahlia suddenly pounced the two of them, “HEY! How about me!” they dragged her into the hug,”You too, crazy girl.” Mizaki giggled. The trio was together again and they laughed together as they held each other. Actov watched them smiling slightly; he looked around at the mess and grimaced. Mr. Howard still had his grip on Roshel grinning widely, “I am going to turn this one in.” She was tied up and she couldn’t move her expression totally annoyed. He also placed a spell around her so she couldn’t speak or escape. “Let’s all go home and rest. You’re all invited to my chamber of hidden journals.” He smiled. Mizaki, David and Dahlia nodded once and Mr. Howard held his grin.