Almost a week passed by. Dahlia, David and Mizaki were staying at Mr. Howard’s house. Mr. Howard’s mother was taking care of them. Mizaki planned to leave for Toxian City by the end of the week, so David and Dahlia decided to stay with her. They visited Actov’s domain for a day before they were taken to Mr. Howard’s home and greeted happily by his sweet mother. She hugged Mizaki tightly and nodded with approval, “You’ve learnt a lot in a year and made the right choices.” She said. The trio was glad to be together again. David didn’t have to revert to his normal form or hide his wings. He appeared as his usual self, Dahlia and Mizaki realized they didn’t change much in the last year, they just looked more mature. They went on long walks and practiced fighting together for the one week they had to themselves; they even camped out for a day just like what they did back at the orphanage. David and Dahlia said that her parents were doing well, they missed her a lot but they rarely spoke about it.

Mr. Howard was around here and there, he joined them for some dinners and some lunches but he never remained for long, he had turned Roshel in to the authorities of the magical world and left her in their charge. Actov visited them occasionally, he was another busy fellow. Three days before Mizaki was to set off for Toxian City, Mr. Howard thought her how to pilot a plane. She got the hang of it easily and Mr. Howard was damn proud, “I think you’ll get to the island in one piece if you carry on at this pace.” He said nodding with approval. Finally, that day arrived; Mr. Howard’s mom made a huge breakfast and packed Mizaki a huge lunch. Dahlia and David sighed; they had a great week with their friend that it saddened them it had to end quickly. Mizaki gave them a long letter to deliver to the Furkans. She hugged them both tightly, “I am sure I’ll see you guys again someday.” She whispered. They both nodded, “Damn right.” Dahlia said in a sure tone. Mr. Howard’s mom hugged her tightly, “Remain safe, my child and always follow your heart.” Mizaki nodded then eyed Mr. Howard who gave her a bunch of instructions and then extended his arms open. Mizaki quickly gave the man a squeeze, “Thanks, Mr. Howard, for everything.” She whispered, he grinned and tipped his top hat at her, “Anytime my dear.” He said then got her into the mini plane. She started the engines and eyed all of them watching her out the window before she started the engines, she whispered a silent prayer thinking of Mrs. Quesada and thinking of the old Zack, the real Zack. She heaved a huge sigh and then took off into the air. David flew next to her plane and flapped his wings giving her a wave before going back down on the ground. Mizaki heaved a sigh of relief and entered the coordinates for where Toxian City was supposed to be located, in the map it just showed the ocean.

Since Actov couldn’t make it, Mizaki had written a huge note of thanks for him on the book he gave her. He replied with a single smiley face that made her giggle. She knew Actov was a busy person. Mizaki flew the plane across the lands and seas for about a few hours, she suddenly felt a huge rush of turbulence. She frowned and checked all the readings but found no problem. Suddenly, the plane jolted, “What the hell?!” she muttered under her breath as she almost got shoved out of her chair but she managed to balance herself.

From out of nowhere she felt a hand grab at her throat real hard and Zack’s form appeared next to her, “Now that you’re all alone, I’ve come to claim you.” He said in his eerie tone. Mizaki gripped his hand and stood up as she aimed both her legs to kick him aside. Zack fell back but quickly lunged himself on top of her pushing her off the seat and restraining her firmly no matter how much she struggled, “No more games My Miza.” He murmured into her ear and enchanted something of an unknown language. She felt numb and tired, she couldn’t resist anymore. She felt herself lulling to sleep. Zack lifted her off the plane and shimmered out with her in his arms just to appear above the plane that was being piloted by nobody. He eyed the plane and it erupted into flames and fell into the ocean its pieces scattering underneath the waters, to be forgotten forever. He looked down on the sleeping Mizaki in his arms and smiled madly as his black wings began to flutter and he flew off with her.

Mizaki woke up to herself being chained upon the ground. She tried to pull at the chains but it didn’t budge. “Good morning.” She heard Zack’s voice and looked up to find his red eyes staring down at her. She glared at him, “Let me go.” She yelled. Zack shook his head, “No, I can’t do that.” He stated running a finger across Mizaki’s cheek. She just continued glaring at him; she tried to sense any nature near her but couldn’t pick up any. Zack was smart enough to isolate her where she was defenseless. Zack took the key necklace he gave her which was in her bag pack and placed it around her neck, “I told you never to take this off.” He said randomly then he closed his eyes, “I didn’t want to do this, Miza. But I have too, you’re my weakness and I have to make sure you’ll never ever find me, at least not now. Maybe later.” He opened his eyes, “If only you were smarter and just joined me.” He whispered to himself then summoned Mrs. Quesada’s staff. Mizaki growled, “That doesn’t belong to you!” He smiled towards her then leaned down towards her face to plant a soft kiss on her forehead, “You’ll forget everything that happened the past one year.” He said then kissed her nose softly, “You won’t remember me, or Mrs. Quesada, or Actov or Mr. Howard. Hell you won’t even know how to use your powers like you do, everything will be wiped off.” He said trying to hold her gaze. Mizaki eyed him with a horrified expression, “Why don’t you just kill me, you bastard.” She muttered eyeing him with hatred. He shook his head, “I can’t kill you yet, I still have hope that you’ll join me.” He stated then pressed his lips upon Mizaki’s lightly until he pressed harder trying to kiss her deeply, she just remained stiff and tried to turn her head away from him when she felt all the rush of emotions getting sucked out of herself along with all the memories she had, she passed out while he had his lips upon her as the staff glowed brightly in his hand. It was sucking out all of her memories within the last year.

Zack moved away from her a single tear escaping his right eye and falling upon the necklace he gave her. He put an enchantment on the necklace so that none of the people she knew would be able to contact her plus they probably thought she was dead because the plane exploded and Mr. Howard was keeping track of it. Zack replaced the memories with other things, he planted in her head that after she left the orphanage she ended up in a training facility where they thought her how to use swords and educated her about Toxian City, they also let her borrow a plane to fly to Toxia and it crashed but she drifted ashore. He didn’t want to leave her defenseless after all. The staff stopped glowing indicating the process was complete. He unlocked the chains and lifted her into his arms and took off again into the air his black wings fluttering in the wind and the thorns shining.  

He saw the dark city across the distance and landed with a thud placing Mizaki down on the docks. He sensed the number of inhabitants in the city and rolled his eyes, “Welcome to Toxian City, Miza, here you are where you always wanted to end up. Hope dad is right and it corrupts you.” He whispered into her ears. He summoned her bag pack and placed it by her side so she would be able to see it when she wakes up. He noticed her stir so he took off in the air watching her wake up totally and she sat up placing her hands on her head. He also noticed that she grabbed the back pack. He seemed satisfied so he flew away and left her alone, for now.