I’ve been roaming around the city for about three days now. I stumbled upon the shelter and I decided to crash there, I noticed there were a few people who also used the building. There was a good supply of food and clothing. I was surprised by the inhabitants of the city. I know I have been educated in that training facility. It’s odd I can’t really recall much about the place; maybe the plane crash has caused my brain cells to dissolve. The inhabitants consisted of vampires, cybernetics, felines, lycans, demons, angels, witches and humans. How they live amongst each other I have yet to observe. But whatever, the only thing that matters is that dream I keep having and finding my sister.

I was mesmerized the first time I saw her. She was standing on the roof of the main bar of the city. It’s called The Haven. I knew it was her so I rushed for the ramp that was leading up to the roof and I called out her name, “Max.” she turned around and eyed me with a suspicious expression at first then it softened as she instantly recognized me. We had a strong bond and before any further words could be exchanged I found myself rushing towards her as she rushed towards me into a tight hug. We held each other for a good few minutes then she released me and looked me over, “I didn’t think I’d ever see you again.” She murmured then kissed my cheeks, her wings fluttering in the wind.

I wiped a few tears that escaped my eyes, “I didn’t even know you until that dream. I don’t recall anything.” I said and sighed. She nodded once and took my hand to pull me down on the roof to sit next to her, “I guess I’ll have to tell you what happened then?” Max said and then she began to tell me the story, “I had gone to a party that night and you were in a bad mood you didn’t want to come along. You preferred to stay home and read.” She took a deep breath, “When I got back home I heard him, the usual, he was beating up on mother, but when I rushed through the door, I was bewildered to see him beating you up, I took the closest thing near me and hit him flat on the head with it and I dragged you out of the house quickly and it took me a good one hour to find a place where I could leave you and know you’d be safe.” She released her breath, “I didn’t intend to leave you there forever, but, things didn’t go according to my plan.” She sighed, “I went back home to something I wasn’t prepared to face, he had a gun pointed at our mother and he was nearly about to pull the trigger when I ran towards her and then everything went black. I felt myself drifting in the air. I felt a sense of peace.” She closed her eyes then opened it looking at me deeply, “And then, I woke up in this city with these wings on my back.” I eyed her beautiful white wings and nodded, “I couldn’t leave this place to check on you. I didn’t even know if I was still on earth.” Max sighed and wrapped an arm around my shoulder; I proceeded to wrap an arm around her waist as I leaned next to her, “Well, what matters now is we’ve found each other again, Sis.” I let out a yawn and then I couldn’t remember what happened next but when I woke up I saw my sister watching me and smiling. I felt a sense of relief, now I know I am safe and there is always going to be that one person who would never leave me alone, my angel sister, Max.