Mizaki was still adjusting to the new city. She walked the streets just observing people and trying to get out of trouble. She noticed there seemed to be a group of people that took over some of the buildings and made a family or cause out if it. Her sister joined the family that took over the church and called themselves The Righteous and apparently they are the good guys of the city that tries to protect the innocent citizens from the evil ones. Mizaki and Max hung out a lot; there was one time when a hungry feline wanted to eat Max. That was a scary incident, Mizaki was so freaked out that she tried pulling at the feline’s tail because she didn’t really know what else she could do. If she attacked the feline, God only knows what could’ve happened; she didn’t want to make unnecessary enemies in her first week. One of Max’s family members from the Righteous, he was a lycan and his name is Raven, came and fought the feline. She beat him up but he managed to run off with a few bruises. That was when Max and Mizaki managed to slip away from the scene.

Apart from the hostile folks, there were also very nice people. There was a cybernetic who called himself Slan and he is very respectful and he resides with the factory. He approached Mizaki about needing some help or a test subject for an experiment he was conducting that involved vampires. Mizaki told him she would help since she had nothing better to do. Then, there was Linzay, she was a fallen angel, she had broken wings. She is a real nice person and she was the first one Mizaki stumbled upon in the bar before she met her sister. Linzay and Mizaki were talking when a guy was very mean to a stripper. Linzay challenged him to a duel. When Mizaki introduced Linzay to Max, Linzay decided to adopt the two girls as her younger sisters. Max also had a lycan best friend called Rory, he was constantly being harassed by almost all the citizens due to his taste for real short shorts. Mizaki found it annoying that they always insulted him but he always ended up telling them off which only seemed to amuse them.

One of Mizaki and Max’s hang out place was the church. One day while Max was meditating a feline was looking for some candles, the feline seemed weird but Mizaki just found some loose candles around the church so she gave the feline some. She didn’t even know if she was allowed to do that since she wasn’t part of the church. But she never saw the feline again for a while. Max introduced Mizaki to a few Righteous members. There was a Righteous Human who called himself Ignis, he seemed very reserve and he always wore a mask. Max said he was like her big brother and since Mizaki was her sister, she said she would be an annoying sister to Ignis as well, he didn’t seem too pleased about it. Mizaki recalled seeing him once before when Max was causing trouble by the pit, that day was full of chaos.

It started off with Max annoying a few demons near the pit. The pit was the house of the evil inhabitants of Toxia that called themselves ‘The Shadows’. Mizaki moved underneath a ledge as she watched Max conversing with two of the demons. One of them was a small petite lady with jet black shoulder length hair and she had bangs that covered her eyes, her skin was pale and she spoke with no emotion. She gave Mizaki till the count of three to leave but Mizaki wouldn’t leave without her sister who was trying to dodge the other demon who was plucking at her feathers. The petite lady demon moved towards Mizaki and gripped her throat. Mizaki was surprised and caught off guard, she didn’t really expect them to be that evil, but now she knows how evil they could get.

Suddenly a band of people arrived. She assumed most of them were Righteous. She noticed Raven and Ignis and then there was a female angel that had medium wings who went against the petite demon. Mizaki and Max were dragged by Raven away from the scene as per the female angel’s orders. As they watched the chaos from a roof, Raven devised a plan so that they could join the attack. Mizaki, Max and Christine, who was another Righteous angel, followed up to his plan but when they reached the same area, they noticed even more demons arrived and then a bunch of folks from the Library also arrived. The librarians and the church people were fighting the demons until a male angel with huge wings, the top part black and the bottom part white, entered the scene and joined the fight; there was something different about this angel. After a while he emitted a bright light and ordered all the Righteous to the church.

Max dragged Mizaki with her when all the Righteous fled to the church. Mizaki felt awkward since she wasn’t a Righteous and she felt she was invading their space so she hung around with Max for a while. She observed the amount of Righteous. There was a feline wearing a kilt that seemed poised compared to the other felines. There was Raven of course and Ignis. And Moon, who was Raven’s partner or something. Mizaki wasn’t sure about things yet but she took her leave quickly especially when the big angel with black and white wings began talking about breasts.

Mizaki liked the feel of the church and its inhabitants so she decided to turn in an application which her sister gave her. She filled it up a bit unsure but she liked the cause of protecting those who were weak, at least it would give her something to do while she was there plus it would keep her closer to her sister.