Mizaki was being pulled to the church again, it seemed that the Righteous got her application and wanted to take her interview. She was very nervous but she tried her best to show off a calm expression. When she and Max reached the church they were greeted by Ignis and Tan. Tan introduced herself to Mizaki as the Guardian of the Righteous, she was the same angel who went agaisnt the petite demon and ordered Raven to take them to safety during that chaotic day. She asked Mizaki why she wanted to join the Righteous and she also explained a few factors about the family. She was pleased with Mizaki’s answer. Mizaki basically said she loved how the Righteous stuck together and looked out for each other. Ignis pointed out that, they do look out for anyone who deserved it; it doesn’t have to be another Righteous. Tan also told Mizaki to keep Max away from the pit. Tan snapped her fingers summoning a blue bandana which she extended to Mizaki and told her to wear it with pride. She took it and eyed the bandana noticing the symbol. She smiled to herself and tied it around her arm firmly.  She said she wouldn’t let the group down. Tan seemed satisfied. Ignis and Max welcomed Mizaki as their new Righteous sister. Tan also told Mizaki that she was going to be a potential until she was worthy enough to be a Righteous Crusader. She had to prove to the group that she wanted to stay and she wasn’t going anywhere.

The sisters went out that day and hung in front of the haven. Mizaki met two other Righteous who were called Jessica and Kira. Jessica was a very devoted angel and Kira was a mystic. The four of them were talking when a man who was dressed in all black and looked a bit demonic from his eyes approached Max and asked her “How much?” The four of them were utterly annoyed that Max was mistaken for a prostitute. Kira and Jessica gave the demon a lecture that they called Dominic; apparently he was the lord of the shadows. Mizaki cringed a bit when she watched him pick a random whore from the street, they knew he was going to the church so Max and Mizaki decided to follow him while Kira and Jessica went to the Haven.

When they arrived at the church the same angel with the black and white wings was present and he was aiming his hand that had a glow to it towards Dominic who was in the confessional booth with the whore. It was an awkward sight to be honest, Mizaki just looked away and after the angel ordered him to leave and shot him with some bright light, the demon left. Max had to go take care of something so it was only Mizaki left in the church when Kira and Jessica also showed up. They called the angel Denny, but later Mizaki got to know his name was Denenthorn D. Masukami and he is the leader of the Righteous. Mizaki was randomly humming some tunes when the magpie glared at her. Kira and Jessica told Mizaki not to mind him and that he is a grumpy person. Jessica joined Mizaki in the singing when the magpie summoned up some rocks that were aiming for them. Kira created a shield to protect them. Mizaki found it amusing that he was majorly grumpy. He pulled out a book of evil hymnals that involve porn, war, gore, and all that bad stuff and looked at the three, “What do ye wanna hear? Joy to the Whore? How about Let there be War on Earth? How about something involving Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll?” he asked. Mizaki was shocked, she didn’t really think that the angels in the church would be carefree and open minded; she assumed they would be more religious. But she was glad they weren’t, Jessica got into an argument with the magpie about God and left the church fuming. Mizaki wanted to get her hands on the book of dirty hymnals but the magpie wouldn’t give it to her.

The first week in the Righteous was interesting. Mizaki was trying to get to know the other members. She found out demons weren’t allowed in the church or to join the Righteous because they are pure evil. Uncle Sal, who is the oldest Righteous vampire, took Mizaki into his training. He began to train her in battle. He was a great teacher and taught Mizaki a couple of tricks. Max was busy training with Raven but she occasionally gave Mizaki a few beating just to keep her in shape. It seems things are going on the Right track for Mizaki so far. She didn’t know she was being watched by Zack, who was quite annoyed she had to join the good guys but he hoped it was a temporary thing and she’d get corrupted somehow, someday.