Every day was unpredictable for Mizaki in this dark city. Mizaki haven’t seen Linzay in a while but she finally found her, apparently she joined the Illuminatis, who resides in the library. She was missing for a while because she was raped by the shadows savagely and almost left to die. She has been recovering and the reason the librarians were attacking the shadows that chaotic day in the pit was for this main reason, they wanted revenge for Linzay. She had adopted both Max and Mizaki as her sisters, so she was like the big sister figure. One day Mizaki and Rory decided to go check out the Library and they stumble upon Linzay with a bloody shirt and a plastic bag that looked like it had something bloody in it. Mizaki found it peculiar which caused her to doubt what goes on in the library. After Linzay cleaned up they had a nice chat.

One day while Mizaki was guarding the church, demons from the shadows began to gather in front of the church. She stood her ground and blocked the church’s entrance telling them to leave and they aren’t allowed inside. The scene gathered a crowd of random people, amongst the demons there was one that took a form of a dragon and he seemed to be the one leading them, he lifted Mizaki by the throat and threw her across the church’s doors. The dragon demon that is called Drake was looking for Nymphet who was a Righteous, Mizaki haven’t met her so she didn’t know anything, and apparently Nymphet did something to piss Drake off. The petite demon lady from the chaotic event, who strangled Mizaki, was also present. Mizaki found out later her name is Rozz and she just watched the scene with a blank expression. Mizaki was totally surprised by the whole scene she wasn’t really sure what to do or how to react, she was outnumbered obviously and there was no Righteous around. She noticed that the other people present were fiddling with their phones, maybe they were trying to help her or just relaying the news that the shadows were picking on a Righteous. Suddenly Ignis arrived and then the magpie, when they did, the crowed suddenly seemed to die out, there was a few demons shit talking with the Magpie but apart from that everything went quiet instantly. Mizaki wasn’t hurt badly; she just felt a sting on her neck.

Another day while Mizaki was again guarding the church, Rozz just approached her and tried to strangle her Mizaki evaded it but it only caused Rozz to try harder getting a grip full of Mizaki’s hair. She firmly dragged Mizaki to the abandoned dance studio by the hair. Mizaki used whatever spell she remembered from the training facility, they didn’t really teach her much or even if they did she didn’t remember most of them. She used a spell that would make Rozz lose her focus. The demoness released her grip on Mizaki’s hair after she groped her entire body looking for her phone and throwing it out the window. The phone was the only means of communication Mizaki had with the Righteous. She felt really stupid for not taking proper care of it. Mizaki wanted to rush for the exit but Rozz was blocking the way, so Mizaki moved to the far corner and began forming a shield of protection around herself. Rozz was forming some shadowy creatures that seemed to be approaching Mizaki in a mocking pace. She kept the shield working  but she was terrified and it made her lose focus, Rozz seemed to be feeding off her feeling of fear. The demoness moved closer to Mizaki and brushed her cheecks, she reached out a hand to grip around Mizaki’s hair again but Mizaki blocked off the hand and focused on Rozz’s  cells to cause them to boil, it only made her angry and she gripped Mizaki’s hair with her other hand and slammed her against the wall repeatedly. A struggle broke out, Mizaki tried to grab both her hand which only gave Rozz a better advantage since she was stronger, she managed to curl her fingers on Mizaki’s hands and use her knee to hit up to her spine which caused her to fall to the ground. Rozz bent down on Mizaki’s unconscious form and whispered, ”You see, I just am pissed off today, So I’m going to beat up and break something pretty. ” of course, Mizaki couldn’t hear her because she was unconscious. Rozz stood up and used her foot to stomp down all over Mizaki’s body, even her face, it caused Mizaki to regain consciousness and lose it again. She then proceeded to rip of Mizaki’s shirt, she began to carve the name ‘Jessica’ in Mizaki’s chest with a dagger. Apparently the Righteous angel seemed to have pissed her off. Mizaki managed to wake up and keep herself awake even though she was badly beaten up, she tried to use magic but it didn’t work due to her weakened state. Rozz found it amusing but after she was done carving, she just walked away leaving Mizaki to bleed.

Max sensed her sister’s pain and tracked her down in the dance studio and found her messed up state. She was very furious and she healed Mizaki on the spot and dragged her back to the church. Mizaki told her what Rozz did and Max vowed to get revenge.