Tan sent a group text message that she was going Shadow hunting and she wanted to know if any of the Righteous wanted to accompany her. Mizaki thought it was a good opportunity to see the senior member in action so she went to meet Tan in front of the church, they waited for ten minutes to see if there would be other Righteous joining them but unfortunately it was just the two of them. Tan turned to Mizaki and said, “Alright, the thing is, you have to do what I say, and if it gets ugly, I want you to run and find help… Sound good?” Mizaki didn’t like the idea of running away but she just nodded her head and replied, “Yes, Boss.” Tan smiled gently probably noticing Mizaki’s hesitation and said, “ I doubt it will be, but just in case.” She then turned to walk towards the pit.

Ironically, Rozz waltzed towards the church meeting them half way, Tan stopped walking her expression remaining calm, “Looks like we didn’t have to go far.” Mizaki felt nervous especially after her previous encounter with Rozz but she held her ground and decided to see how Tan would deal with this. The petite demon smiled sweetly towards Tan and said, “My favorite Righty, I had you in my thoughts just moments ago.” Another Shadow by the name of Philip appeared behind Rozz and said, “You’re one tough cookie to follow.” Mizaki watched how calm Tan was; she just folded her arms slowly and stared at Rozz. “What in the world would have you thinking about me?” she asked softly. “It can’t be good…” she frowned slightly; Rozz appeared least bothered, “What can I say; I am a focused little creature. I go for what I want… ” She stated softly towards Philip before turning her attention back towards Tan. “I need something, you are perfect.” Mizaki glared at Rozz who finally acknowledged her and even mocked her by mentioning the event that took place previously. Rozz wanted to take Tan for something and Mizaki told Tan not to go with her, but of course Tan already knew that and when Rozz asked her for a grown up discussion she said, “I dunno about you, But seems the only grownups are me and Mizzy. I dunno what I would even consider you…” she sneered softly. “And I don’t go places with Shadows unless I’m dragging them by their tongues on a fish hook…”

Then things went crazy from there, there was a change in Tan, her wings turned white and her hair turned on a pale hue. There was a change in Rozz as well, shadows coming out of her body, then a struggle occurred, Tan and Rozz were both fighting, dark versus light while Mizaki was left to deal with Philip who seemed to enjoy himself. Mizaki used the few knowledge she had and manipulated the dust around to create a dust monster but the male demon managed to create a better one using his shadows, after playing around a bit they also got into a struggle. Shea Spoonhammer strides up to the scene, he tries to see what’s going on and when Rozz and Tan were done with thier little dark and light shield, he instantly goes to help Tan but gets stabbed by Rozz in the process. More shadows and other citizens arrived as they spotted the confrontation. They were just observing the scene, most of them commenting. Only Elsurion from the Library tried to help with the mess.

Philip suddenly withdrew from Mizaki when he got a signal from Rozz, since Shea was bleeding badly from the stab, Philip suddenly pulled out a vile and tried to collect some blood but just after Rozz gave that sugnal, Elsurion managed to casually kick her in the spine which caused her to collapse. With so many things happening at once, Elsurion managed to get in between Shea and Philip so that Philip wasn’t able to get any blood. Max approached the church trying to figure out what was going on and through all the mess she got lured by a vampire towards the pit. The moment that happened, Philip managed to half drag the semi conscious Rozz, who was growling in annoyance, back to the pit. Mizaki and Slan tried to stop the vampire from getting Max but they were too late.

Back at the church, Shea was being mended by a sort of squirrel lady. Tan seemed alright, no much damage was done. Elsurion made the remaining blood of Shea that got collected on the ground to burn. This is when Mizaki found out that the Illuminati and the Righteous have a sort of alliance. There was another Librarian helping them by the name of Emilie, after she was done, she and Elsurion took their leave. Max came back on her own a little while later looking normal but Mizaki felt there was something wrong with her, yet she couldn’t point it out. The important thing is that all of them were safe, for now.