Mizaki was seated on the steps of the church, as usual. She had just took a round of the city and didn’t find anything interesting so she took her usual spot on the top of the last step that leads inside the church. She heard a voice behind her, a welcoming voice of a young lady, “Are those not cold to sit on?” the voice asked in a normal tone. Mizaki turned around and was a bit surprised, before her was a girl, that didn’t seem to old, she was young, perhaps in the same age group as Mizaki, she wore a beautiful white dress and her long white hair flowed freely behind her back, she held a staff in her delicate hand and she was barefoot but her pale skin was clean and there seemed to be a certain glow about her. She introduced herself as ‘Nymphet’ and Mizaki recalled that the angry dragon demon that caused a bit of a scene in front of the church had been looking for her. Mizaki informed her of the event in a joking manner but Nymphet seemed sad that others had to suffer because of what she did. She told Mizaki that she was scared and it made her stab Drake too many times. ‘No wonder the demon was angry’ Mizaki thought to herself as she tried to analyze Nymphet, she felt this sense of relief around the girl, but it just boosted her curiosity. As they continued their conversation, Mizaki asked her if she was a witch but Nymphet didn’t know what a ‘witch’ was nor did she know many other things.

Nymphet couldn’t remember her past, she said she just woke up in the city and that is all she remembers. Mizaki asked her if the staff she had was of a mystical kind, but nymphet wasn’t sure. She took out a bladed eclipse with some spikes sticking out of its side, its tips covered with blood. She told her that she had dreams about the weapon. Mizaki asked if she could take a look at it and Nymphet handed it to her carefully, Mizaki suddenly felt her vision go dark as she began witnessing a distant memory, or dream?

~A tall lady with long white hair danced on a graven landscape, her body covered with naught but a small silk dress……occasionally the lady dragged her left feet on the sand covered grounds, leaving a traced imprint on it while her dancing carried on……..a trail of floating syllables and runes floating off the floor after the dancing had ended……a black stone on the floor, breaking as the lady raised her hand ,revealing what looked like a small eclipse with spiked ends on the sides……the symbols engraving themselves on the eclipse…..the lady grabbed the eclipse and drove it into air as like aiming for the dreamer while one single word sounded in the air………… ‘Remember’~

Mizaki gasped awake after the vivid dream. She closed her eyes and mumbled a small incantation on the blade and exteded it to Nymphet, “I cast a spell on it to help you remember, It would last for only 10 minutes, all you have to do is hold it and clear your mind.”  She stated. Nymphet looks at the eclipse and nodded holding it and she closed her eyes, clearing her mind, flashes of the past appeared further and further back. Nymphet  saw the talk with Mark she had today, then herself sleeping, stabbing drake, being in the library; being in the shelter and then she saw the first time she woke up, she tried to empty her mind more but all she saw is herself on the floor and then nothing, just an empty room where she appeared suddenly, she opens her eyes and looked down, “I saw things but nothing before the time I woke up.” She said towards Mizaki sounding a bit disheartened. Mizaki nodded slowly just scanning Nymphet curiously. It was decided that they would check the library’s books if there was anything in reference to the eclipse dagger she had.

The next day Mizaki met Nymphet in the library, they began rummaging through the books. Rory, a cybernetic friend of Mizaki and Max joined them and helped them check through the books. Being a cybernetic he was very efficient, Mizaki wanted to laugh out loud when she saw the bewildered expression on, Miss Meri, the librarian’s face when Rory was scanning the pages of so many books, one after the other at a rate of one book per second. Rory just eyed Miss Meri with his usual blank expression like most robots, “I am cyborg, I don’t damage things.” He stated in such a manner it reminded Mizaki of a certain character in one of the series she used to follow as a kid. Miss Meri was trying to help Nymphet  find what she was looking for, Nymphet created a replica of the dagger using some watery liquid and it helped them search deeper. Miss Meri was trying to analyze the blade’s possible origins from ancient tribal history. Meanwhile, Rory and Miza continued their search, just scanning through each book, but luck wasn’t on their side, they couldn’t find anything that was a close match. Miss Meri then directed Nymphet to Elsurion who proceeded to talk about how symbols come from history and sometimes it may have even come before history was being collected. Rory then handed a book to Mizaki and told her it’s the closest he found that might help, while reading, Mizaki came across a part that stated ~ Dreams being the Answer to your Creation~ Rory showed it to Nymphet, after a few more discussions with Elsurion and Miss Meri, Nymphet suddenly felt like throwing up and rushed out of the library. Mizaki and Rory were confused when they didn’t hear her anymore so they left the library to try and find her.

Mizaki found Nymphet near the church again some days later, Nymphet told her she didn’t feel well and had to rush out of the library. They discussed whatever she found out in the library. Basically, that the symbol may be tribal in origin and probably used as a tattoo. The two Righteous decided to head for the coven next. Mizaki entered the voodoo shop and spotted a petite witch. The witch was called Russ, Mizaki already met her through Linzay during one of the parties at the bar, Linzay asked Mizaki to watch over Russ who had too much to drink. Sadly, they haven’t seen Linzay since then. Mizaki also remembers Linzay told her she had a date and she was so sure Russ must have been it. Russ greeted them warmly and after exchange of formalities and reminders of funny incidents they got down to business.

Mizaki explained that they were seeking the meaning of a symbol and Russ was already enthusiastic to help them. Nymphet showed her the symbol and then Russ began to ask so many questions, “What other information is tied to this? Where was it found, on what or whom, drawn in what medium, did it express any mystical energies, etc?”. Nymphet and Mizaki both told her about the brief dream while Russ was rummaging through a thick book she pulled out from the shelf. She again started her rapid questioning about the woman in the dream, “Does she speak? Is she singular, or part of a larger background? Did you wear white usually before you had this dream?” Mizaki just listened then Nymphet suddenly dropped down and seemed to concentrate, before Mizaki or Russ could say anything, they began witnessing the dream.

~A tall lady with long white hair danced on a graven landscape, her body covered with naught but a small silk dress……occasionally the lady dragged her left feet on the sand covered grounds, leaving a traced imprint on it while her dancing carried on……..a trail of floating syllables and runes floating off the floor after the dancing had ended……a black stone on the floor, breaking as the lady raised her hand ,revealing what looked like a small eclipse with spiked ends on the sides……the symbols engraving themselves on the eclipse…..the lady grabbed the eclipse and drove it into air as like aiming for the dreamer while one single word sounded in the air………… ‘Remember’~

 Mizaki frowned and blinked her eyes having witnessed this dream for the second time, she turned to eye Russ who seemed to turn more serious. Nymphet seemed drained of energy so Mizaki sent her a wave of energy to relief her. Russ suddenly asked Nymphet about her earliest memory to which she responded that it was when she woke up in the city. Russ suddenly flipped the pages of the book then began to read, “…and so the alchemist, Aedrilric, distilled his soul. And upon death, sent it out, so that he would walk again. A young man awoke on morn, aware of nothing but what he had become, and thus was called ‘the Awakened’.” She ends her translation, looking up towards Nymphet.

Miza listened curiously as Russ began to talk about how it may not be the case for Nymphet but it’s the closest interpretation, her estimate is that Nymphet may be a reborn person of magic. It did make sense since Nymphet had some magical essence within her and just like the man she awoke with no recollection of her past. Nymphet told Russ about how Mizaki made her try to remember, but she only saw herself come out of nothing which caused Russ to become even more curious. She asked them if they tried scrying for the information when Nymphet suddenly touched Russ’s forehead to make her see whatever memories she had so far which startled the young witch a bit.

After she gathered herself up, she proceeded to tell them about scrying, “Y-yes, anyway! Scrying; magically looking through the past, using symbolic magic to piece together events and individuals involved and connected to a moment in time or place. So, we set up the ritual, with your origins as the target. Hopefully, whatever it is not magically protected, and we will get an answer easily enough. If the origin has been magically shrouded, or its symbolic links shattered or faded, then we may come up empty or with very little.” Nymphet asked her how long it might take before they could do it to which Russ grinned, “We can do it presently, given a bit of preparation on your part. Symbolic magic works by drawing on the connections we make. So, we will do the ritual in the room you awoke the first time; you should bring anything and anyone of signifigance, or at least representations of them. Photos, strands of hair or bits of their clothes or other personal effects. Your own possessions as well- things you hold dear to you.”

Nymphet told Russ that she didn’t have any other possessions and she was alone. But Russ reminded her she had the Righteous and she had Mizaki. They assumed Nymphet might need things from everyone she knew in Toxian city including Drake which caused Mizaki’s sarcastic humor to come out where she suggested they go to the pit and ask Drake to join them. But Russ informed them, whatever they have might be enough, Nymphet didn’t want a huge crowd. Russ was merely concerned with the success of the ritual. They decided to go to the graveyard to perform the ritual.

Why did they choose the graveyard? Apparently Nymphet sleeps there. This caused Mizaki to cringe at the thought but she shrugged it off as they reached the place. In the end Mizaki gave Russ her Righteous bandana, a picture of the Righteous she found stashed in the church’s attic and Nymphet gave Russ her Eclipse. Russ began preparations. She made them sit on the bench while she worked on placing the three objects in a triangular angle and drew some lines with a dagger as she began to enchant under her breath. She instructed Nymphet to follow the traces she made with the dagger and place her hand on the centre of the circle. Russ proceeded to place herself in position opposite to Nymphet, she gave strict instructions, “This is what is about to happen: we are going to close our eyes, and we will leave our bodies momentarily. We will be floating in the etheric sea of the symbolic universe- I wish I could describe it more plainly, but I don’t have words for it. You will see the connections that tie you to this world. You will have to follow them back to the information you seek. I cannot guide you; my job will be to try and cast aside any defenses and repair symbolic connections that have been magically severed or confused, to help you keep on track. Do you understand?” Nymphet inquired if it was kind of an astral projection but Russ told her it could be, but it won’t be a true projection since they will remain here and just their minds would wonder. She gave Mizaki instructions to note down anything she hears then say in their state. Mizaki fiddled with the pen and notebook as she waits for them to begin.

It started, the two closed their eyes and their facial expression calm and their breathing slow and composed. She noticed Nymphet began to perspire and then watery liquid of beings began to circle around her. Russ suddenly opened her eyes breathing heavily, Mizaki wanted to say something but remained silent when Russ pointed to the beings and mouthed the words “Did she do those?” Mizaki shrugged but doesn’t say anything and watched the scene unfold. Nymphet’s body appeared lifeless and stationary and the eclipse began to tremble. Nymphet’s mind seemed to drift to her memories, her desire to find the answers, the blade of the eclipse suddenly began to crack. Russ didn’t seem pleased with the happenings, Mizaki dropped the pen as she heard the eclipse cracking and glanced towards Russ who was eying it as well before snapping her gaze back at Nymphet.

The eclipse shattered with a dry crack, the blood flowing up like water, the hundreds of little shards forming a image as the blood drawn line like nerves and blood vessels, the image of a man, or manlike as it looked small but with a presence unlike anything before, “who…..what…” Mizaki gasped and dropped her notebook as well. Nymphet’s body went limp after her lips traced the words mirroring the man like being, “What am I?” Russ fell back looking panicked but quickly composed herself and yelled at Mizaki to draw the image. Mizaki quickly picked up the pen and notebook and began sketching the image accurately despite her nervous state, she could still sketch. Vecna the torment of ages slowly looks left and right, “ who brought me back? for what reason, speak..” he pointed at Russ. Mizaki just eyed the being with a ~What the hell~ expression. Russ went wide-eyed, dropping her knife in shock, her jaw going slack and skin pale, “W-who a-are- Wh-what… what is all this? This should not have happened!” She sounded terrified.

Vecna the torment of ages raised his hand and the floating beings came to him, forming the rest of his body as they faded, now a man with empty eyes and a mouth with seemingly emptyness in it looked at Russ, “I am the first one, vecna , uniter of the chaos planes” Russ appeared to be in shock but she managed to ask, “W-why d-do you speak through this ritual? What do you have to do with this girl, or this object?” Nymphet’s body started to glow now, Her body outlined as if naked yet just white light as body with two blue lights for her eyes, her spirit back inside her body yet silent. Vecna the torment of ages looked around, “what object,” he shrugged and looked at nymphet and his eyes went big, “No, not one of them again ” he stepped back and then tilted his head, “Different yet similar, strange” Mizaki’s thoughs rushed through her head at once, she watches as Nymphet suddenly glowed but looked back at the image of the man who claimed to be the first…the first of what she thought to herself. She suddenly walked towards Russ and whispered, “Ask him if Nymphet is related to him or something” The being quickly replied, “Related? To that? Not by far, but I know her kin.” Russ breathed heavily. She nodded to Mizaki, her resolve finally forming, “How are you related to Nymphet? How do you know of her- of who does she remind you?” The being just responded, “Yes, I know her kind, not by name but by energy pattern. They were called ‘The Unforgiving One’s in my world and they are not to be messed with” he looked closer as he walked around Nymphet’s form, “This one seems rather dull though.” he held his hands before his mouth hoping nymphet didn’t hear the last part. Nymphet’s body tilted its head yet no other response, hearing and understanding yet not reacting otherwise.

Mizaki felt like this image was not just an image but a distant being of some sort, probably someone from another dimension or maybe another world, it fascinated her, she nudged Russ to make her continue her question parade since the image seemed to be focused on her maybe because she started the whole ritual. Russ finally regained her composure. She wore a probing expression as she examined the image, her voice retaining the ritualistic formality, “What is the purpose of the Unforgiving ones? Why do you react so strongly to one’s presence?” Vecna the torment of ages looked at Russ for a moment” I do not fear much but her kin is one of the things I rather evade, you should do the same if you are smart” he sighed, “They have no purpose, they just appear somewhere  somehow, has something to do with thoughts.” he made a circle motion with his hand, “If a thought keeps moving around in a place, it gains power, more people with that thought, more power, enough people have the same wish or thought…they appear.” Russ placed a finger to her lips, her expression of thought, “Then they are manifestations of thought, they are the mass unconscious mind made material? Is that what you are describing? What sort of thoughts lead to such beings appearing?” Nymphet had a soft smile on her mouth, her two blue dots as eyes blinked as she seemed to pay attention yet she didn’t react. Mizaki suddenly exclaimed without thinking, “Oh c’mon she is harmless…”

Vecna the torment of ages looked at Mizaki with a glare that seemed to go through her like a blade, “harmless?”…

“When I was still at my own realm I was…well…less nice, I travelled through the realm with an army and pillaged villages, my race is intelligent but we are fast bored, so we hurt others for fun…which is aside my point. One day I came back to one of the places I robbed before and there was a little girl in a black dress sitting at the edge of the village, I should have known it was not normal as she had not a mark on her and seemed happy, not really the underfed robbed and raped villager look. I told my men to get her and bring her to me…she took care of them in seconds and when she realized we meant harm she took the first strike and wiped out my army in seconds without even looking away from me, just smiling. An army of over 600 thousand demons decimated by a girl not looking older than 6 or 7. My race knows only one way of dealing with them after that…we turn around and get away fast.”

Mizaki listened to this staring at Nymphet with a look of awe, she ignored the beings glare. Russ wore not an expression of fear, but of incredible interest to this description. She waited, hoping her question will in turn be answered. Vecna the torment of ages looked to Russ, “Good, bad, neutral, all kinds, just matters if they are the same” He looked at Nymphet, “I guess she is the rare kind made from thoughts of hope, hope for a better world, hope for peace, hope for company, hope is present strong in this city” Someone curiously peers from around the tree eyeing what was going on but moves away minding their own business. Russ nodded, seeming content with this answer, “She is a being of unknowable power, brought into existence by the mass unconscious mind of humanity, and manifesting as the qualities of the thought most shared in common? Is my assessment correct, ancient being?” Nymphet’s body stopped glowing slowly, her body growing more limp as she became normal again

Vecna the torment of ages looked at Russ and then at Nymphet, “This one…the last parts be correct but the unknowable power? no, not likely, hope is strong but this city borders on a balance, tainted, she may be a bit more than others and learning things faster but she is by far not as strong as they normally are….or perhaps not yet, who knows” Vecna raised a hand, “Which means I should take her out now before she comes after me.” Mizaki was still lost in thought, she remembered the notebook and pen and facepalmed totally not hearing what the being said. Suddenly Russ shakes her hand and quickly sends the components of the ritual flying in different directions and the glyph carved into the dirt replaced by another that neatly closes the image but not Nymphet, A barrier, keeping the image within. She scrambles forward hoping that either destroying the scrying ritual would banish the thing, or else activating her barrier in time to halt the monster from harming Nymphet.

Vecna the torment of ages his form which was build of the eclipse seemed to crack, “No, not like this, not before ….” the body exploded like a ripe fruit, small specks of the blood landing on nymphet” n….o…..” Mizaki’s eyes widen at the sudden turn of events. She looked at Russ and asked her, “Can we wake her now?” Russ activated the barrier just too late for the blood to be blocked. She sighed with relief anyway, seeing the thing destroyed. “It was going to try and kill Nymphet- end her before she became a potential threat.” Nymphet got some blood of Drake on her and they seemed to draw into her skin, as a being like the first came out a moment later and shrieked before moving in a burst up to the sky. Russ nodded, “She should already have woken- should never really have fallen out. I guess that creature intervened when it sensed her reading the lines.” Nymphet slowly opened her eyes and tried to stand up, yet falling on her butt giggling like a child, Mizaki shrugged watching Nymphet but relieved that they were okay and the being was gone. Russ went to check on how Nymphet was feeling. Mizaki joined them and snapped her fingers in front of Nymphet’s face since she seemed a bit dazed. Nymphet continued giggling then eyed them both and said, “Thank you.”  Mizaki felt shivers down her spine, well good shivers, “I guess with Russ’s help we finally figured out what you are..You are powerful!!” Mizki does a failed victory dance then stopped thinking it was not really appropriate.  Russ giggled, smiling wider, “You’re all too welcome! So, are you aware of everything that happened here? Maybe even more than we are?”

Nymphet stood up and rubbed the earth of her dress, the iris of her eyes growing smaller, more focused, “No, I’m just me, but now I know more than before, I have no parents but something brought me here, I think I find out one day but for now I will enjoy each day with the people I meet.” Mizaki nodded and walked over to Nymphet and gestured at Russ with her arms open wide, “Group hug?” The three girls hugged each other. Nymphet was feeling tired so she fell asleep on the bench. Russ and Mizaki spoke briefly before Russ decided to return to the voodoo shop. “Stay magically awesome!” Mizaki called out to Russ as she watched her form walk away.