Another day in Toxian city, Mizaki wandered out of the church into the city, she passed by the haven and carried on her walk towards south of Toxian city, she made sure to avoid the pit as she made her way towards the beach. She felt her phone beep and when she took it out to read the message, she smiled, Rory has finally been accepted into the Righteous, it was nice to know their lycan friend found purpose within the church. Mizaki sat on the sand for a while pondering on the latest events.

He flew down as he watched her drift to sleep on the beach, his black wings ruffling against the wind. He landed near her and folded his wings securely behind him and moved to sit near her, just watching her sleep, he rolled his eyes and shook his head thinking to himself about how stupid and careless she was to have fallen asleep in public, that too near the pit, he knew about Toxian city through her eyes since he was watching her closely, even though she doesn’t remember him anymore, it was his own fault, but he couldn’t keep away from her despite his father’s wishes. So he decided to watch her from a distance from time to time. He raised his hand and formed an invisible cloak around her form as she slept peacefully on the sand against some rocks with the sound of the beach around them.

Mizaki woke up and groaned, she was stiff from having fallen asleep on the sand. She had a hard time to stretch out before she stood up and walked towards the shelter to get something warm to drink. At the shelter, after having a cup of coffee, she drifted of to sleep again. Mizaki seemed to be sleep deprived since she arrived in Toxian city and being human it wasn’t something new for her to randomly fall asleep. She woke up again after a while then splashed her face with water in the Shelter’s kitchen before heading towards the church.

Mizaki was confused when she arrived at the church, there was a distress call from Ignis in the beach stating that the shadows were holding a lady as a slave agaisnt her will. Mizaki watched as Raven, Moon and a few others headed for the beach. Also there was a new Righteous who joined at that moment called, Axis, he was a vampire. Mizaki and Axis instantly became friends in that short moment. They all headed for the beach and there was a scene. Ignis was trying to fight off the shadows. Donovan was this blonde shadow demon who had control of a lady’s mind. Apparently the lady was Ignis’s charge in some way, or someone he wanted to protect. Despite their efforts, they weren’t successful in saving the lady, it seemed she wanted to be taken into the demon’s bidding. The Righteous headed back to the church and decided to focus on other stuff.

Later in the evening, Mizaki and Axis entered the church and found Denenthorn near the altar. Mizaki walked up the aisle leading to the altar but stopped a good distance away, greeting the angel by calling him, “Daddy Magpie.” Denenthorn who seemed to be as grumpy as ever just threw a dagger at her, Mizaki laid flat on the floor while the dagger passed through her and Axis caught it before it hit him. Before Mizaki could react, Denenthorn threw another dagger aiming below so Mizaki rolled over and hid under the pews. The dagger again passed through and went towards Axis who jumped up to avoid it. Mizaki called out to the angel about promising never to call him ‘Daddy Magpie’ again if he’d stop trying to kill her. As usual, he just grunted. Axis whined about why he got daggers being thrown at him, he walked up to where Mizaki was hiding and pulled her out quickly before the Magpie decided to throw more daggers. Mizaki and Axis took a seat outside the church’s steps and began talking about why they were in Toxian city, Axis was looking for redemption, and he wanted a set of wings. Mizaki told him about her quest to find her sister. Denenthorn came out of the church then and asked Mizaki if Axis was her boy toy or something then proceeded to talk about ‘baptizing’ the altar. Axis said he is just going to keep the title ‘Protector’ for now and then Denenthorn grumbled about prudes before walking back into the church.