Mizaki walked into the Haven and took a seat along with Axis right behind her. They took a seat opposite each other in the corner of the bar. A redhead lady walks into the haven and sits against Axis’s armrest. Axis pulled her into his lap as they began to catch up, Mizaki caught that the name of the lady was, Savannah. After a while Axis left along with Savannah just as Max walked into the bar and spotted Mizaki a sly smile forming across her lips as her sister angel folded her white wings before flopping on the seat Axis left vacant. Mizaki noticed something odd about her sister, she tried to talk to her but as usual, Max always remained silent about her inner demons.

Raven walked into the bar then and joined the two sisters. He also sensed something off about Max but she wouldn’t talk about it so Raven got utterly hot headed and walked out of the bar. Mizaki stood up to follow and so did Max. Mizaki poured out whatever she knew, she told him about Max being taken by a vampire during a conflict with the shadows and coming back as if nothing happened to her. Raven growled and headed for the pit. Mizaki followed him trying to keep up with the Lycan’s huge strides, she finally caught up to him as he stopped near the pit in time to hear him yell, “Come out out and play SHADOWSSSSSS!” There was a demon nearby who seemed to be in a meditative state, Raven walked up to him and said, “Hey fucktard, you going to answer or just sit there like a mannequin?”

Finally a lady came out, she had dark skin and a sign on her belly that spelled, ‘Sinner’ Mizaki remembered a message that was sent to the Righteous about, Pilgrim, a Righteous angel who punished a shadow and carved that into her skin. Maybe that lady is the one. Raven interrogated her, asked her if she knew if a vampire within the shadows. The lady was a vampire herself but she said she didn’t know of any, the demon earlier woke up as well and Mizaki and Raven stayed alert. Suddenly Mizaki felt the hair turn chilly a bit and she noticed an angel in the corner of the road. The angel was Pilgrim herself and she just watched Mizaki and Raven as they conversed with Maki, the vampire shadow whom Pilgrim punished previously.

Since Raven couldn’t really get any information out of Maki or Arthas the dark one demon. MIzaki and Raven left and headed back to the church thinking of another plan.