Mizaki was so excited to be sleeping out in a tent. They found a nice spot with fire logs ready, lots of trees and a plain field, there was also a well near their tents which was a very convenient water source. None of them ever talked about Mizaki’s flashy hand incident that magical healed Dahlia’s ankle. They decided to have a good peaceful time, with no worries and just sucking as much of Mother Nature as they could. There were other people out camping, some their age, some older while others old couples probably taking a break. Mizaki and Dahlia shared a tent while David had his own. They decided to do various activities including rock climbing and swimming. Plus in the end of the third day, there was going to be a party in the main camp site they planned to attend. Of course, before they went rock climbing Mizaki lectured Dahlia about being patient and careful because she didn’t want her to break her ankle again.

They got their rock climbing gear and went hiking into the woods to find a suitable mountain to do some random rock climbing, they saw about five teens their age and decided to pick a spot near them so that they were not so isolated. Molly kept warning them to try and be around people a lot. They got acquainted with the teens and had a wonderful time laughing and climbing. They even decided to share lunch and have a mini picnic then they went to climb some more. When they realized the day was almost over, the three bid farewell to their new acquaintances and decided to head back to camp.

They were so tired when they arrived at camp that they just washed up then went to bed in their tents. Mizaki woke up in the middle of the night and decided to get some air since she couldn’t sleep anymore. She noticed something strange; the well from across them was glowing green in the dark. She found herself moving towards it full of curiosity and she climbed on top of it eyeing the black hole below, it was dark and the wind was strong, she felt like something within the well was telling her to jump, the black hole kept flashing green lights below, she reached a one leg into the well trying to feel the green light.

Someone suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her back then instantly wrapped their arms around her waist to pull her from on top of the well. It was so sudden, she managed to yelp then she started elbowing the person but stopped when she heard David, “What the hell Miza.” he grumbled still locking her tightly in his arms and trying to pull her back to the camp away from the well, “Let me go damn it.” She whined trying to break the grip of his arms around her though she got tired and stopped and allowed him to pull her back, he released her near her tent and scowled, Mizaki scowled back dusting her shirt, “Sheesh, David. What’s wrong with you, you could’ve got both of us to fall into the well.” David shrugged, “Whatever, Miza, that’s dangerous, you looked like you were about to jump, what made you go there anyways, we have enough water here.” Mizaki shrugged too, “I don’t know..I just saw something, never mind. Night David.” She said then quickly entered the tent shoving Dahlia aside a bit and closing her eyes to try and drift to sleep again.