Mizaki sat in the pews within the church as she was pondering about someone, Linzay. It’s been a while since she has seen the angel who was like another elder sister to her, yet she was just gone, maybe she found something worthwhile.

Mizaki’s thoughts get interrupted by her phone ringing; she picks it up and hears Axis distressed and almost inaudible voice, “Miz.” He coughs up some blood then and mumbled into the phone, “Need help, building to the south, second floor.” The line went dead. Mizaki rushed out of the church tapping a message on her phone sending out a Righteous wide distress call. She arrived at the building and rushed towards the second floor. She spotted Axis lying on a pool of blood and Max and Christine hovered over him like guardian angels, she rushed to get a good look at him.

Max and Christine wanted to heal him but he was scared of the angelic touch and he needed blood. Since Mizaki was human she offered her neck but Axis just took her wrist saying he didn’t want to make her look like a blood doll. He drank from Mizaki enough that would be able to give him the strength to get to the church. On Axis’s chest, the name Jessica was carved over it just like how Rozz carved it over Mizaki.

The four managed to head to the church safely  since Axis was doing fine, Christine wandered out of the church on her own. Max was trying to help Axis but he seemed to be waving her off that he was fine and she shouldn’t fuzz. Out of frustration Max just left the church saying she was going to the pit. Mizaki just sat next to Axis on the pews remaining silent. He stared at her and she stared at him then asked him if he needed more healing, he said he didn’t since her blood was helping him heal himself. Being a vampire did have its perks.