Mizaki decided to go to the library and do some magic research to improve the little mystical gift she had. She walked into the library taking a deep breath trying to get used to the air around it. She usually loved libraries, but something was not right about this library, it just gave her the creeps. She scanned the shelves and picked up a few history books when a blonde gentlemen approached her and offered her his assistance. She asked him if they had books on ancient magical scriptures. But he said they didn’t have such books, so Mizaki settled with reading the history books in one corner of the library. A lycan came into the place and asked the blonde gentlemen for books on exorcisms, he said that his friend thinks her brother may be possessed. Mizaki couldn’t help but interrupt and state that if they need help regarding those matters the Righteous would be kind enough to help them. After a few more discussions, Mizaki continued her reading and then placed the books back on the shelves and made her exit.

A few days later, Mizaki met an angel who was called Mizu. She ended up joining the Righteous, she was a timid angel and she had a stutter. Mizaki decided to look out for her and they became close. One day while Mizaki and Mizu were standing by the church with Uncle Sal. A feline and a lycan came up to them asking if any of them knew how to do an exorcism. Mizaki had no clue but since Mizu was an angel, she might have an idea. Uncle Sal told Mizaki to accompany Mizu, they followed the feline, Lily, and the lycan, Lillica. They first headed to fish co and found a male feline who was in bad shape called Sam. Apparently he didn’t have a heart and he was just living through a demon possession. Lillica and Lily carried Sam from Fish co., after Mizu and Mizaki healed him slightly. They brought him to the factory where they had an appointment to give him a new heart. The cybernetics was ready with whatever stuff they needed. They had an angel who was strapped to one of the beds, whom Mizaki recognized as one of the old Righteous, the angel agreed to donate her heart to Sam, since she didn’t need it. They strapped Sam on the other empty bed and then Mizu began her exorcisim, she closed her eyes and joined her hands together. Mizaki stood close to Mizu watching the angel closely to make sure she was okay while the process took place. She didn’t pay much attention to the operation going on or the casual talk in the background between Lily, Lillica and the same male lycan whom Mizaki met in the library the other day. So this is why he was asking about exorcisms, she thought. Halibel, the cybernetic incharge, worked efficiently during the heart transplant operation. Mizu started sweating and Mizaki helped her by giving her support. Mizaki had to run out in between but she came back in time to find that everything was over and all is well. Lily thanked them and then the two Righteous decided to head back to the church.