Mizaki walked out of the church and spots Sonko, one of the Righteous angels. Sonko was always a quiet angel, he kind of looks like Santa Clause because of his white beard and plump physique. He yawned which caused Mizaki to yawn as well. A man who was dressed in white almost, but he had a mask over his face and he was armored with swords for weapons, it reminded Mizaki of an assasin but her sharp eyes notice his Righteous bandana, so Mizaki introduced herself to the male who in turn told her, he was called Father Undercity.

Mizaki thought he was the Righteous official priest or something, but he was just a normal priest. She then asked him random if he knew how to do magic to which he smiled and chuckled slightly replying, “I have learned many things, and one of them is that there is only that which is granted, and the other is all things are possible. I spent a time upon a mountain with wise men, and from them I learned that we are not a straight line, but one of several manipulatable turns…you call this manipulation magic, I like to see it as enlightenment, m’am.”Mizaki was obviously confused for she scratched her head with one finger then asked, “So, you’re saying that, everyone can learn how to manipulate things? Even if it’s not granted to them?”Father Undercity shook his head, “No m’am, if it is not granted, which I mean, God’s divine will, then no…but all things are possible in God.” He said. Mizaki snapped her fingers, Sonko seemed to watch them curiously as he hovered behind Mizaki near the church’s entrance. “So, if God doesn’t allow you to do it, you can’t? Right?” Mizaki asked the priest further.

Father Undercity smiled, “Now that is not to say, everyone must pray, and convert…that is the gift of free will, but just because you may not believe in God, he believes in you..so yes, if it is not his will, then it will not be.” Mizaki nodded in perfect understanding, “Yes yes I kinda get it. Just like how demons have free will to use their magic for bad.” The priest nodded and said “Demons are of God’s design, the dark side of free will, a mixed creation of God, and the temptations of man’s desire to turn away from the light. They are able to manipulate that which is, because it is in their design to do so to tempt man.” Mizaki frowned then nodded slowly and asked, “Do you think Demons can be saved?” Sonko smiled ironically and shook his head as he continued listening.

Father Undercity ponderd for a moment “Well they are a creation…so I would imagine they have some free will as man…like Angels who fall, or the dark winged ones…but I cannot presume to know God’s design, and the demon’s either do not know, or would lie about it anyway, since it is their design.” Mizaki nodded then turned around remembering Sonko was an angel and asked, “Hey, How about you? Do you think Demons can be saved?” Sonko eyed her as if she was crazy, “Why? they do not want to be saved. They have chosen their path.” Is all he stated then he turned to walk into the church leaving the two to continue their conversation.

Mizaki nodded slowly again then turned back to father, “Could you explain more on the part where you said you learnt that we are not a straight line?” Father Undercity nodded and smiled again, there was something peaceful yet curious about the priest, “of course, before man discovered science, we created that which we believed to explain things simply. You have about 2,000 years of time between the writings of man to explain God, and the discovery of science…after that period man learned that he is not confined to any fate, and just because he thinks it is so, does not write it in stone…We are a series of experiences, and choices, this road of twists and turns, but those who are on another level of enlightenment, either by study, birth knowledge, or…” he paused and a smirk crosses his features, “Some other third thing.” He stated then continued to explain. “Can manipulate what we think simply is into something we want…what you call, magic.”

Mizaki pondered a bit grasping every word, she thought she was new to magic and hearing this explanation has made certain things clear about her past, well, the part she vaguely remembered, she slowly nodded with a smile and said, “That’s great, I wish I could’ve met those wise men who helped you learn that.” Father Undercity smiled, “I am sure they are still around, but getting up the mountain is quite a walk.” He chuckled softly. “They simply taught me that through inner control, a man can project this outwards. Picture that series of twists and turns I mentioned as strings…now just think of it, as learning to tie knots, or weave them…” He suddenly grinned, “It was a bit more complicated to learn, than to explain, but that’s the best way to explain it that I can think of.”

Silvia, a husky wolf who was part of the Righteous as well approached then and started sniffling around. Mizaki leaned down to pet her then asked Father Undercity, “Would you be able to teach me that sometime?” The Priest looked down and regarded Silvia. He dug into his book satchel and produces a piece of dried beef. Kneeling, he offers the back of his hand to the Silvia, with the beef strip within his fingers. Looking up to Mizaki, he nods politely “Yes, I think so.”

Mizaki was happy he would teach her, she noticed Silvia seemed sad and asked her what was wrong, Silvia suddenly spoke about how lonely her job of finding information is, which kind of got Father Undercity curious. He was amazed that Silvia could speak in the feral form. After a few more exchanges of words, Father Undercity kind of said he was an Ex-Alpha, but Mizaki had to leave so she wasn’t able to ask anything further, she was too excited to have someone teach her about magic.