During Mizaki’s initial days with the Righteous, she used to stand guard out of the church and she would notice this pale skinned man who used to pass the church and walk towards the graveyard and stand before one of the graves, he did it so many times, one day, Mizaki’s curiosity got the best of her and she walked up near the man and whispered so as not to disturb him if he was praying, “Hey, is that a relative of yours?” Mizaki asked pointing towards the graveyard the man was standing in front of. The man turned his head around, his expression seemed blank, he looked at her then stared back at the gravestone, “Hmm, not quite.” He seemed to ponder a bit since he also recalled seeing her a couple of times by the church, and he could probably guess she was one of ‘them’ even just by judging from the way she dressed. Mizaki frowned as she noticed him eyeing her though of course she couldn’t read his mind. She then asked him why he always stays in front of the gravestone all the time. He simply said, “To remind myself so I don’t forget.” He then asked her what made her decide to approach him; it was his turn to be curious. Mizaki shrugged as she stood there awkwardly and told him honestly that it was just her curiosity. She introduced herself then asked him what was it the thing he didn’t want to forget, she even flopped down in front of the gravestone next to him and waited.

The man paused for a while, Mizaki just watched him and then instead of answering her question, he suddenly asked her how long have she been in Toxian city. This made Mizaki wonder a bit before she told him probably a month, she then asked him, “Why?” The man turned his head to eye her since she sat down behind him, “That’s fairly young.” She murmured then he remained silent again, Mizaki waited in anticipation then he finally said, “A long time ago, when Toxian city came into existence, there was chaos everywhere. Many lives were lost and so was my fiances’s.” Mizaki shivered then asked, “How long exactly?” the man seemed to inhale the air, he told her it’s been long ago, years before. Mizaki asked him how she died, but he told her, he wants to keep that to himself so Mizaki didn’t probe him further.

“So, since then you’ve been sitting here watching her grave, trying not to forget?” Mizaki asked the obvious surprise in her voice. He told her that it’s something that can never be forgotten but he is trying to keep a promise. They continued talking about how he is one of the oldest people in the city but due to his silence people think he is new. Mizaki felt like she was intruding so she decided to end the conversation and she asked him his name, he told her she didn’t need to know but if she really wanted to know his name was, “Rain.” Mizaki bowed politely then turned to walk off bumping into Sonko, she smiled at the Santa Clause like angel before walking away.