Mizaki was walking towards the church when she noticed Torakoun, another Righteous Priest, who was also the only feline in the family. Mizaki called her a ‘kitty’ once and it didn’t really end well, Torakoun was utterly annoyed and kept correcting her saying she’s a ‘feline’, not a ‘kitty’. Well, Torakoun didn’t act like any of the other feline’s Mizaki met in Toxian city. She was more of the priest like person and she appeared calm, controlled and she was full of wisdom if you just knew the right questions to ask.

Mizaki blinked a bit and came back from her random day dream when she greeted the feline. Max arrived to the church right behind Mizaki and Torakoun tried to find out what’s been going on with Max, she also reminded Mizaki about ‘Compliments’ which Mizaki totally forgot due to all the rumble that has been going on ever since. When Mizaki was new to the Righteous, Torakoun told her to compliment Max every 5 minutes so the angel would get it through her head that she isn’t worthless. While Torakoun was trying hard to get information on how Max was doing, she got frustrated because the angel was obviously hiding something so she just gave up and walked away all annoyed. Mizaki could swear she envisioned an angry cat that couldn’t get their tuna or something.

Raven arrived after a bit and Mizaki left him and Max to talk. She went for a walk taking a glance back at Raven and Max who went into the office. Raven has always been there for Max, he always came to her aid whenever she was in trouble. Max seemed to treat him more like the father she never had, they never had. Mizaki sighed as she continued on her walk and decided to go to the haven and check around on what’s going on there.