Mizaki was near the entrance of the church as usual; when the same red-head lady called Savannah came up to her and asked her if Tan was in. Mizaki told her she wasn’t, which was kind of a lie because Tan was meditating near the altar and Mizaki didn’t really want anyone disturbing her, but Savannah was with a demon and a squirrel like person. Savannah said that Tan attacked her and if she wasn’t in then it was going to be bad for Mizaki instead. Mizaki didn’t seem to care, but when Savannah gestured for the demon and the squirrel girl to follow her, Mizaki stood in the way and stated that the demon wasn’t allowed inside.

Savannah snorted as if Mizaki was some stupid creature, the demon also seemed amused and Savannah just told him to take care of her while she and the squirrel girl walked into the church. Tan couldn’t be harmed anyways since meditating gave angels some sort of shield, Mizaki didn’t know anything about those so she just decided to focus on the demon. The demon summoned his blades and asked Mizaki where he should cut her. She tried to keep herself calm and she tried to be polite, she stated he could just wait for his friends. But the demon seemed adamant to cut her or whatever. Her sister landed from out of nowhere, her white wings ruffling through the wind. Max asked her what was going on to which she replied grimly that they just had guests. The demon was delighted to see Max and started talking about pigeons and new pillows. Max stated firmly he wasn’t allowed into the church, the demon said Tan attacked his student, which they assumed was Savannah, and he was pretty angry.

Savannah walked out of the church with the squirrel girl and stated that Tan was ignoring her, well of course, she was meditating. Suddenly, Savannah said something about leaving a message and pointing towards Mizaki and her sister. Max quickly was against it and Mizaki was just going with the flow, she didn’t really get what they meant about leaving a message. Savannah went towards Max while the demon focused on Mizaki summoning another blade, the squirrel girl was talking about eating angels and the demon told her how he did it, plucking their feathers, skinning them, gutting them out and then roasting them. Mizaki stated he can’t do those things to Max and he agreed because he was going to do it to Mizaki instead, wings or no wings. It made Mizaki super nervous she made sure there was enough distance between her and the demon.

Things started happening all at once, Savannah was trying to get a hold of Max’s wings and Max evaded it only to get a fist full of her hair caught in Savannah’s grip. Raven appeared out of nowhere as well wearing his white flourishing trench coat. Even Tan finished her meditation and walked out of the church. All of them were confronting Savannah asking her to release Max’s hair. Savannah then asked Tan why she attacked her. Tan apologized that she was in a bad mood and if Savannah was attacking her Righteous it would only make it worst and she stated that she only attacked Savannah because she walked away from her while she tried to ask about the cookies.

The demon was pretty pissed and he kept waving all sorts of weapons he was summoning. He pointed a scythe like weapon towards Tan when Raven intercepted it with his hands. Savannah said that it was just normal cookies. Suddenly the Righteous leader emerged from the church and asked if there was a party and he wasn’t invited. Then he heard the discussion was about the cookies and stated that the Raccoon got some shoved in her mouth by Kaira. Denenthorn called Torakoun, Raccoon because he seems to be in denial that there are felines in the Righteous. Savannah got all worried all of a sudden and asked if Torakoun was okay and she said maybe the shadows are also making other cookies and it was not their own that Torakoun ate. All this while the squirrel girl was hypnotized by Denenthorn’s wings.

Finally the guests got tired of arguing and took their leave. Tan asked Raven if he got the cookies tested, he said he couldn’t catch any of the Continium around, the factory folks. Savannah gave him a cookie but he never ate it. Raven seemed to know Savannah and the squirrel girl, they were friendly towards him, Mizaki even noticed that Savannah called off the demon when it sliced at Raven’s pretty white coat. Denenthorn and Tan went back into the church and so did Raven and Max. Mizaki just stayed out there and pondered on the events. Cookies are being handed out? She never got one and she knows if she does it might be a bad idea to taste them even though she loved cookies.