Mizaki yawned and rubbed her eyes, she looked around the attic where she probably passed out the previous day, and she wiped her face with her tiny blanket then rolled off the sofa and pulled out her bag to pick something different to wear. She looked wide awake now as she exited the church all dressed with her black hair tided into a pony tail as usual, the first thing she spotted was a feline lady and then the male. She gets into a conversation with the two new citizens. The male did all the talking, he was called Ayato. He introduced the feline as ‘G’ and he told Mizaki that the two of them usually did everything together. He also said they they were new and still finding their way around the city.

Mizaki took them on a tour around the city. It made her wonder when she became Toxian City’s personaly tour guide. She brought them to the shelter and gave them a brief description about what sort of races they would encounter and also the type of possible families they could join. Ayato filled in an application for the Righteous which Mizaki took gladly and she even placed it on the mail tray of the church for Tan to see whenever she could. Mizaki met many people since she arrived in Toxian City, but only a few of them actually stuck around. It’s hard to tell who would, but, a first impression always matters and she knew she tried her best to help the new citizens; the rest was up to them.