Mizaki and Max emerged from the church’s door and Torakoun suddenly runs up to them smelling of catnip, Mizaki didn’t really know much about catnip, all she knew is it made cats high. Tan was standing near the entrance of the church reading a piece of paper which Mizaki recognized was Ayato’s Righteous application. Mizaki greeted Torakoun and was totally surprised when the feline ran towards her and demanded a hug. Of course Mizaki gave a happy hug back, but, what made her even go more wide eyed was the fact that Torakoun ran around giving everyone hugs, she bounced up to Max and demanded a hug as well, then she moved towards Savannah who arrived at the church behind Torakoun  just watching in amusement. She gave Torakoun a hug and tried to ask the feline how she was. Torakoun seemed out of it and just kept running around in circles and demanding for hugs and shaking herself off the catnip.

Meanwhile, Ayato arrived and he was greeted by Tan, she began questioning him about why he wanted to join the Righteous. Torakoun began complaining about how hot it is and she flopped on the ground and took off her boots. Savannah just giggled, appearing real happy and amused that Torakoun was a little hyper than usual. Mizaki on the other hand just watched the feline a bit out of shock. Torakoun even dragged Savannah around randomly while Mizaki took Torakoun boots for safe keeping. Mizaki’s attention suddenly diverted when she heard Ayato answering Tan when she asked him about family. He stated, “That’s a moral I have no matter where I am, my family and friends comes first and no one, no one lays a finger on them without getting through me. This church and the people that protect it will have me at their side.” Mizaki smiled as she heard it then blinked when Tora seemed to be growling and scratching at her pants, the feline seemed to be taking it off which caused Mizaki to close her eyes in embarrassment. Savannah just laughed and then Ayato nudged Mizaki and showed off his new Righteous bandana, Mizaki grinned and welcomed him to the family.

An angel emerged out of the church, she had wings just like the Righteous leader, Denenthorn and she also spoke just like him. Mizaki could’ve sworn it was the magpie’s sister if he ever had one, Tan turned to the lady and gasped asking her who she was, the lady pulled out a red bandana with a card over it, and it looked the same as what Denenthorn used to wear. Mizaki just eyed the scene totally confused; so wait? That was the magpie turned into a woman? Tan didn’t seem convinced so she asked the lady if she was related to Denenthorn, the lady stated her name was Denice. By the time Mizaki turned her attention to Torakoun she closed her eyes instantly, the feline was totally naked except for her purple thong. Mizaki quickly ran into the church and grabbed the table cloth fromt he altar dropping the contents on the ground carelessly and ran out trying to flop it over Torakoun but she failed because the feline went towards ‘Denice’ and demanded a hug. The lady angel gave her a hug and seemed to feel her up a bit. Mizaki just facepalmed and gave up trying to cover the felin up holding the table cloth under her arms as she watched the entire scene.

Savannah had told them to better watch Torakoun carefully while she wandered off. Torakoun continued giving everyone naked hugs and she felt all fresh since she wasn’t hot anymore, she even told Max that she should strip for the demons, it would be a laugh. She then ran off for a walk, still naked. Ayato went to converse with his feline friend, G, who arrived at the church, she appeared a bit shy but she seemed to loosen up as she and Ayato began talking.  Mizaki finally decided to call it the day so she headed inside the church and towards the altar totally pondering how crazy the day went. Their Righteous feline priest stripping while Tan was interviewing Ayato. She wondered what a first impression that gave the new vampire of the Righteous, probably a crazy one. She smiled as she placed the table cloth back on the altar neatly and picked up the mess she made previously.