Mizaki and Max were seated outside the church having their own sister time for a change, Mizaki noticed how distracted Max seemed, it’s almost like she is hiding something, but Mizaki couldn’t really point out on what it was, a lady wearing the familiar black shadow trench coat floated into the church pass the two of them. Mizaki stood up and told Max she’ll check it out because she recognized the coat very well.

When Mizaki watched the female, who was looking around the church curiously, she examined the confessional booth and seemed to comment about how there is an extra hole in the crotch area, it seemed a bit too weird to be a part of a confessional booth. Mizaki just shrugged and ignored it, after all, she was getting used to the way the church really is, and the Righteous isn’t a religious group or the most Holy group around.

Mizaki asked the lady if she could help her while a man entered and began lighting candles quietly. The man suddenly asked them if there is a group around the city that helps new mystics. Mizaki told him there was a group called the coven while the lady directed him to search for the voodoo shop in the south of Toxia and look for Joe. After the male left, Mizaki was left with the lady yet again, she watched her closely as she seemed to eye the candles. She asked Mizaki why do they light candles for the dead and Mizaki told her that it’s to probably lighten up whatever darkness they experienced in their life. It’s a tradition that the church follows, so the lady waved her hand lighting all the candles.

After that, the lady proceeded towards the altar and began asking about the rituals of the church. Mizaki stated a few when Sara, another Righteous Priest arrived at the church and joined the conversation which delighted Mizaki because she was more experienced. They began discussing about baptisms and marriages. It’s very rare for marriages to last long in Toxian City and some weddings where disasterous. There was one wedding which Max was going to host and the bride ended up biting of the groom’s face, it was horrible. There was a brief discussion about God as well.

After some more discussions, Mizaki confronted the lady about which faction she was from and when she admitted she was a shadow, Mizaki asked her what she really wanted and she seemed quite honest, she was just curious about the church’s ways and she didn’t want to fight. They began talking about generalizing, how people generalize things based on a set of principles. After that, the lady had to go, over all it was a good discussion, for a change there was no blood shed.