Dahlia was already awake and frying some eggs in the mini frying fan over the fire when Mizaki got out of the tent looking like she needed more sleep, she stretched and yawned then went over to flop next to Dahlia. Dahlia offered her a cup of hot chocolate then snickered, “Didn’t know you were the suicidal type, Miz.” She said. Mizaki grumbled, “I wasn’t going to jump in the well, I just saw something strange.” She said then took a sip of her hot chocolate. David came back with newly filled water bottles then joined the two for breakfast occasionally glancing at Mizaki like she was possessed. Mizaki shrugged, “Stop looking at me like that!” she said then proceeded to help Dahlia get the plates and opened some tin cans of fruit. The three had a great breakfast then decided to check the map they have of the area, they spotted a lake in the map and decided it would be nice to go for a little swim, they also noticed from the map that the lake was the one supplying water to the well, so it’s obviously clean.

They set off carrying only necessary items including some sandwiches which Mizaki prepared and some drinks. When they reached the lake, they were surprised; it was so beautiful, green and much bigger than the map described. It had a small water fall that seems to be flowing from a tiny cave towards the lake’s end. The three of them got into their swimming attire and jumped into the cold lake swimming around and splashing at each other. They were totally at ease and without worry just enjoying every moment. They floated side by side and started talking about the orphanage and what they wanted in life. For three seventeen year olds, it seemed too early to decide all that, but each of them already had a plan in their head. “I am going to try hard and get into law school, I see myself as the one putting all those evil people behind bars, who knows I may end up a judge in the long run.” Dahlia giggled as she closed her eyes just floating in the water near David and Mizaki. “I want to get into business. We’re lucky that the orphanage allows us to live on until we finish college, though most of the college students move out after their first year because they are already settled, I hope it wouldn’t be that hard for us.” David said then splashed some water lightly towards Mizaki who almost lost her balance in the water, she frowned then pondered, “I don’t know really but I’ve always wanted to know more about how people think, Molly told me I should go for Psychology. I might do that.” She said then closed her eyes feeling the cool water underneath her. The three of them floated like this for a while before they decided to have some lunch.

He watched them floating in the lake below. They couldn’t see him since he was well hidden within the cave from where the tiny water fall was leaking. He adjusted his glasses watching all three of them. His gaze remained more on the brownish black haired girl, he could sense something within her, some hidden powerful energy, and she is also the same girl who got attracted to the well the previous night. He grinned to himself, he recognized the other female with the jet black curly hair, and she looked exactly like her mother, his first victim. If she only knew that her mother did the same thing and went to law school. The boy seemed normal to him, he didn’t sense anything unnatural, but one can never be too sure, its not a coincidence that two out of three kids together has some magical gift they don’t know about. He decided to keep an eye on them, they are not the first ones who ventured to this area to try and destroy him. But what could three seventeen year olds possibly do to him?