Mizaki was loitering around the church as usual, she spotted the familiar male lighting candles again like the first time she saw him. He appeared a bit nervous and asked her if she was following him, she said she just merely wanted to help. The two got acquainted shortly and she found out his name was Malaki. He also had the same gift like she did, the power to manipulate elements and she noticed he played around with flames in his fingers and since Mizaki was terrified of fire, she asked Malaki to probably teach her sometime. Q, a new member of the Righteous who used to be the same squirrel girl that Mizaki usually saw around the city, now had wings, Mizaki remembered that night when her dead body was brought to the church and the leader of the Righteous along with Torakoun’s help managed to bring her back as an angel. Q appeared and chatted with them briefly, Malaki wanted to know more about rituals and since Mizaki had experience with those, she offered to help him. A lycan came by the church looking for Ignis as well and told Mizaki to inform Ignis that he visited and he will probably return later since there is no way for him to be contacted as he left the pack. Mizaki and Malaki took their leave and proceeded towards the graveyard leaving Q at the church.

Mizaki began making preparations for this ritual; Malaki told her he wanted to dig into his past, to know more about how he became a mystic. Mizaki drew a symbol on the soil of the graveyard and asked Malaki to give her any possession he had that is related to his past. He handed her a necklace and then after giving him instructions, they began the ritual. Malaki went into a deep trance and the necklace hovered above him, Mizaki kept talking to him so that he would tell her what he saw. He told her there was a war, or it looked like it and a lady was running with a baby. It seemed like the group wanted to catch the lady, there was so much death and screams in the streets. The necklace seemed to glow as it hovered around Malaki and then he showed Mizaki everything. She could see what he saw, how his mother protected him and she got caught by the angry mob. The people were looking for the baby she was carrying but they only saw a man run off quickly and went to chase him, but the lady who was now bound onto a post ready to burn just smiled in peace and closed her eyes.

Malaki passed out cutting the vision they were both seeing. The necklace dropped to the ground. Mizaki was trying to compose herself for she was also weak on energy since she monitored the ritual. She managed to get Malaki awake and they discussed the vision. He never knew his mother must have been a mystic as well and she died saving his life. He had no idea if she was still alive or not, he was basically raised by his uncle. Mizaki and Malaki hanged around the graveyard for a while talking about everything and then went their separate ways but they both surely formed a new friendship.