It’s been a while since I’ve actually wrote here but, I think I should once in a while. So many things happened since I got to this city. I remember this one incident I felt the need to write about, that is why I am writing this down. The day my sister got collared by a demon, it was horrid. There was no way to remove the bond and when I was trying to converse with her about it, Savannah came by the church spouting something weird and she was trying to get Max so I attacked her and she beat me up of course and then locked me in the stocks, I helplessly watched as she beat down Max as well and draied her blood. Savannah then ran off and the demon who collared Max who was called Amnda appeared and she seemed pissed. I managed to manipulate the stocks to release me and called the Rigghteous to the church, by that time Amanda took Max with her and I couldn’t stop her.

All the Righteous went towards the pit, Raven, moon, Tan, Pilgrim, Shea, Uncle Sal and Ayato or BB as he was called by my sister. He also gave my sister a nickname, Tofu, I think it was, sounded cute but the matter at hand now was the fact my sister allowed herself to be collared by a shadow. Being a Righteous, it was a huge disgrace for us to watch as we couldn’t do anything, no amount of power was able to break the collar and Amanda just mocked us all. In all the cheos, Raven shifted into a wolf and then Ayato followed my sister into a void Amanda sent her in. They were both gone, my sister Max and Ayato. There was a huge crowd, Elsurion from the Illuminati was there along with Tan and they were speaking to Rozz trying to collar her, maybe it might get Amanda to break the bond, but Rozz just walked away. I didn’t know what to do; apparently there was nothing I could do. I could have tried to fight or something but I know I would have just caused more trouble so I decided to snoop around and try to find a way to break the collar’s bond. I didn’t find anything in the library, nor with the coven but one day. I saw Max and even Ayato, the collar was gone, it seems the magpie himself removed it. Well, that saved all the wasted efforts. I realized I haven’t seen my sister around a lot, maybe she sleeps when I am wake or she is out doing something stupid or crazy as usual. But I could feel she is safe and that is what matters, I guess coming to Toxian City to be with my sister changed things for me, changed the way I thought about certain things. The Righteous, their mission, it appealed to me a lot, but sometimes I stop and think if it’s really right what we’re doing here. I guess time will tell where my loyalties lie.