And it was yet again another one of ‘those’ days in Toxian City for Mizaki, she was walking along the street leading towards the Haven when she met Rozz midway. Rozz asked her where Tan was and Mizaki didn’t know, the demoness punched Mizaki then took her phone. While Mizaki was trying to get it back she sent a message to the Righteous looking for Tan, lecturing them about having safe sex which was irony The other Righteous responded and some of them began looking for Mizaki. Tan arrived finaly and shot Rozz with some sort of sparkle light angel power thingy right at her rear which was really amusing for it caused Rozz to rub her ass, finally Rozz threw away Mizaki’s phone which she claimed quickly. BB arrived then, so did Ignis and Max arrive as well.

Numerous fights broke out, first Rozz and BB. He went down, Sam from the prowlers arrived and began helping BB out, seemed like Rozz made a lot of enemies for most of the people who gathered were unimpressed. Then Rozz and Max fought and perhaps it wasn’t Max’s lucky day for she went down as well. And finally Tan and Rozz fought, the fight was close but Rozz still managed to get Tan. Lourden, the Haven’s bar tender was around and using this as a sort of entertainment, he told Tan that they needed training and he’d be willing to help. Rozz finally had enough and waltzed away with her head held high. Max and Mizaki dragged Tan into the church followed by BB.