Savannah, the red head vampire who managed to instill fear in Mizaki’s heart a few times in her initial days at Toxian City, joined the Righteous one fine day. It was something really unexpected since Savannah didn’t really seem to like the Righteous, she only came around for Torakoun or if someone attacked her. Mizaki was still a bit scared of her despite her being in the same family now; little did the mystic know that Savannah was going to be someone important in her life. Ever since this vampire joined the Righteous, it caused most of the citizens not to mess around with the Righteous for she would beat the hell out of anyone who hurt a family member.

She would run around beating up demons and re-educating them. Things got a little to extremist but there was no denying Savannah managed to gain Mizaki’s trust, not that she needed too, but she was very nice to Mizaki and it was hard not to be attached even if just a little bit. She took Mizaki around the city and showed her passages that could be good hiding places after she had made a deal with the Continuum about a weapon that is hollow and would allow her to inject holy water into demons.

Savannah caught a demon and she was teaching it a lesson when Mizaki stumbled into the church and decided to observe for it’s the first time she was watching a sort of demon torture. Mizu arrived as well and she seemed super uncomfortable. Denenthorn was there as well sitting on his throne, well, his chair actually as he would always correct people who called it his throne. Mizu suddenly stood up while Savannah was busy pouring holy water all over the demon that was pulling at the chains and screaming in the backround. Mizu took off her Righteous bandana clumsily and told Denenthorn she didn’t agree with this method. Miza was contemplating; she did understand the whole fighting fire with fire as the Righteous leader put it. But, some people didn’t understand it. Mizaki watched Mizu walk out of the church then turned her gaze back towards Savannah who was still torturing the demon.