One fine boring day Mizaki walked into the church as she spots Amanda near the altar who wanted to confess or repent for her sins, BB was there as well. The two Righteous had a good laugh about it which made Amanda walk out the church all annoyed. Mizu also came to visit the church, Mizaki wasn’t mad at her and still carried a conversation with the angel, and she was doing well on her own.

Later that day Mizaki decided to go to the haven and she wish she didn’t for there was a crazy bar tender who kept on giving her shots and got her real drunk. Mizaki heard a few stories from the other people who were drinking but nothing that she could remember due to the alcohol messing with her system. Mizaki didn’t even remember how she got back to the church.

She woke up the next day with a huge headache and when she went on her normal stroll she spots a huge commotion near the church, someone wanted to steal Qs feathers. Mizaki quickly stepped in but got her butt kicked by the blue haired lycan. Max arrived at the scene and saved the day, so not a feather was given that day!

BB, Max, Q and Mizaki went back to the church and hanged around near the doors. No more trouble passed them by and it was nice to just hang out once in a while.