Mizaki’s phone vibrated in her jeans pocket, she took it out and read the message. Apparently Denenthorn is requesting all the Righteous to report to the church. Mizaki moved along the streets towards the church meeting Max half way, when they arrived at the church they noticed a lot of Righteous already gathered, there was tension in the air, Raven’s growling, Tan’s blank expression, Savannah seemed awefully quiet and Denenthorn’s wrath could be felt across the church, he suddenly yelled for someone to go look for Christine, one of the Righteous angels. Mizaki ran out quickly and found the angel lurking around, when they arrived at the church, everyone went silent and Christine was asked to move forward towards Denenthorn who was standing infront of the altar in the centre of the church.

It was a live trial. Christine left a commarade behind, Savannah was being dragged off by Nalysia and she didn’t do anything, just stood there and waved even. Christine was also selling herself to one of the powerful mystics in the coven, like a pet which wasn’t something very pleasant to hear about. Christine defended herself, saying she did all that for the Righteous but, it was just unjustified. Raven was very angry, Savannah is like a sister to him and he hated the fact Christine did what she did. Denenthorn told Christine, the only way she can save herself is if she fougth him. They battled in the middle of the church and Christine was defeated, Tan dragged her out and kicked out of the church, forever.

Never leave a Righteous behind. Family comes first no matter what their past was…