One fine day in Toxian City, Denenthorn was around the church though in his other less intimidating form yet as grumpy as ever, the female Denenthorn walked out of the church and spotted Ayato and Savannah. It looked like Ayato was being prudish for the seraphim got an idea, “Lightbulb…” she said to herself then called towards the two Righteous, “Hey Savannah, Ayato…. Come inside I need to show ye somethin’…” and after a few bitching from Ayato and Savannah about who is more prudish, Denenthorn who is called Denice in his female form, did some bright light thingy and suddenly Savannah’s and Ayato’s forms began to shift. Mizaki was lurking around the church curiously observing the three, she noted how Savannah’s build grew larger and her boobs seemed to flatten, she also noticed how Ayato became much more fraler and his hair grew longer. Torakoun arrived at the church as well watching the scene when Savannah exclaimed, “You’re a fucking girl!” he laughed pointing towards Ayato who didn’t really look pleased, Savannah patted inbetween of his pants and found it neccessary to announce, “I HAVE A COCK!” and before anyone else could react, there seemed to be a group wide change in the other Righteous members, even Mizaki and Torakoun began to shift. Q, who just arrived began to shift as well and was totally confused. It seems Denice snapped her fingers forcing all the Righteous to genderbend.

An angry Tanpopo who obviously didn’t look very female like at the moment barged into the church with his hands on his hips in a very female fasion glaring at Denice,”It was you! I…am…going…to…kill…you!” he stated firmly. Denice just giggled, “Maybe you’ll will stop being prudes now as you’re all feeling what it is to be the opposite sex…” And with that announcement from the Righteous Mistress, everyone was in denial. Ayato was hiding behind Q for fear of being raped by Savannah. Torakoun was surprisingly calm his tail just swishing behind him in obvious annoyance, Tan still vowed to kill Denice if she doesn’t change her back and Denice kind of tried to teach Tan how to use her balls by grabbing it which was a bad idea. Amidst the cheos a few citizens were at the churh just observing the cheos, some amused, some needed services. Mizaki who also shifted into a male was just silent and really unresponsive most of the time.

Some days passed by and slowly all the other Righteous began to show the gender bending results, Uncle Sal turned into Aunt Sally, Ignis turned into Ignita. Everyone was trying to fit into the role of the opposite sex, Savannah took the name Seth and Torakoun took the name Ben. Seth was running around town all manly like and he scored a touchdown with Ayato who was called Alexis. Mizaku managed to land a nice dance with Aunt Sally in the attic ealier in the day. Tan was at the church, sitting on the Magpie’s chair when a Green Leigh feline visited the church during all the cheos looking for Denenthorn while Rozz dropped by the church with a present. Seth tried to stop the demon from leaving but the demon just waltzed away. Ignita was constantly being in danger from getting raped due to her extreme obvious innosence and constant yelling out of cute things. Moon who was called Muno was a bit too aggressive and trying to get into Ignita’s pants, Mizaki who received various names such as Mizo, Mizaku, Mizati was a bit annoyed for he was falling for Ignita’s pureness and prudish nature. After Mizaku took care of the present that Rozz left which was to heal a poor citizen, he went in search for Ignita but didn’t really find her anywhere. Aunt Sally was just sitting by the baptismal pool and watching everything with an amused expression.

The final day of Mizaki’s genderbending proved to be interesting, he was outside the church when Denice emerged and informed him to go and rape the girl that was in the church, to Mizaku’s surprise it was Ignita. Despite all his efforts Ignita didn’t seem to want anything to do with him but as their conversation progressed an endless love began to progress yet at the same time their forms shifted back to normal. The magpid wore off or they probably passed thetest.  Mizaku turned back into Mizaki and Ignita turned back into Ignis and therefore the memory of the whole gender bending was a blur.