Ignis has been coughing a lot, it was really suspicious, but Mizaki felt a bit awekward to ask the man what was going on, so she just decided to observe from the sidelines. One day, she stumbled upon the ninja human and she heard him coughing again just as Savannah ran up to them, declared she can solve the world’s problems if every male penis was cut off, she concur that it would stop wars, over population and every other issue known to mankind, she then ran off somewhere. Ignis coughed again, so Mizaki finally asked him what is wrong, he said he was just sick, normal cough, but Mizaki wasn’t that dumb, she knew there was something more to it. She offered to heal him, she just managed to give him a bit of relief but not heal him completely, and it was probably beyond her power.

Sam came up to them and told them he was feeling weird, he woke up in the middle of a graveyard then he stated that his sister is acting weird too so they went to look for her. The feline’s sister, Lily was coversing with a wolf (Hawk Umino) and she seemed hostile but suddenly Sam seemed to turn hostile too, Ignis kind of made light of the situation while Mizaki observed as well. It looked like things might turn into a fight between the felines and the wolf, Mizaki noticed certain eye gestures between Ignis and the wolf, maybe they had some sort of telepathic plan, not that Mizaki knew it was possible for humans and wolves to telepathically communicate. After some more bitching between the brother and sister, it was decided that Sam was to go back to the church with Miza and Ignis, plus the wolf was going to take care of Lily, it seems that both Lily and Sam are slightly possessed or not acting themselves.

Torakoun was at the church luckily so she took over the whole exorscim. By the end of the whole ordeal, she was totally drained of energy but Sam was back to normal now. How many times the feline got possessed, Mizaki gave up counting really. She just helped Torakoun get some rest; she also wondered where Ignis went off too.