While Mizaki and Apoc were hanging around the church, an unusually looking new citizen approached them introduced himself as Fadith and stated simply he was new and he was wondering why they weren’t at the gathering in the haven. Mizaki felt a little suspicious of the man because his skin was a different color, but she wasn’t sure if he was a demon or a vampire, he could be either, plus, he could have been a mustant as well, so she conversed peacefully informing the man about the dagers of Toxian City.

Slan also came by and greeted them and both him and Mizaki caught up about things a little bit, she told him about the recent exorcism of Sam and how Torakoun got the demon out. Slan also informed Fadith that he ought to be careful unless he likes pain and death. Mizaki then proceeded to give the man a crash course about the major factions in Toxian City.

After a few more discussions, Max showed up and the whole conversation turned into Max making fun of Mizaki which was a laugh for everyone else except Mizaki ofcourse who was just pouting and grumbling.

The next day Slan had come to visit the church and so did Nalysia which kind of got Slan a bit grumpy, he seemed to have wanted to test his sensors and he didn’t expect the church to be like a social club. Nalysia was curious if the church protected demons because of one incident in the church when a demon came to Tan and pleaded with her, he wanted to show her he wasn’t evil like that rest and he turned into a demon against his will, Tan was a kind angel and she agreed to it after the pleading, that was when Nalysia appeared and things didn’t turn out so well, the demon went to fight Nalysia to show Tan he was loyal. Tan asked Mizaki to go after him, since she wasn’t the type of person to leave someone alone who has pledged their help. When Mizaki found the demon, he was beaten up by Nalysia and Mizaki wanted to take him but Nalysia didn’t agree so they got into it as well. Mizaki hardly remembers what happened then.

Mizaki was a bit snappy towards Nalysia since she is a shadow and all that, but there was no violence, just the random shit talking about why she was there? She said morning tea, Mizaki suggested a game on the alter while Nalysia suggested she be on top of it, and then in between the subject of porn and sexuality was also discussed but Nalysia just told Mizaki to tell Savannah that she might need another coat then she waltzed out of the church.