Uncle Sal, Q and Mizaki hanged out infront of the church, Q was fiddling with her phone and then she told the two that she had to go help a friend, after further thought she seemed to decide to ask them to come along and help. It seems someone wanted to become an angel, but the person died.  Uncle Sal and Mizaki went along with Q, almost near the ocean on the south of Toxian City. They were briefed about the situation by Sam, Ezekiel and Phrozone. Lily held the dead body of their friend. Q was new at the whole angel bringing back people to life thing, so she needed all the encourangement she could get but in the end things turned out for the best. The lady was alive but Q was really drained, Uncle Sal had left the scene earlier because all the blood was getting to him. After everything was in order, Q decided they should go home so Mizaki shared some of her energy with the angel to give her some relief then they both headed north and back to the church.

The next day Mizaki entered the church to see something really weird. There was a huge glass case near the altar and Ignis was levitating inside it like a doll, his eyes were wide open. He looked almost frozen. Mizaki wasn’t sure what was wrong with him nor does she know who put him in there, but the first thing she tried to do is kick the glass to see what happens. Nothing happened. But then she felt a slight shock within her which just annoyed her so she shot lighting onto the glass just to get it thrown back at her. After a few grumbling she contemplated what to do so she decided to just wait for someone to show up, Ignis looked peacfuly inside the glass case.

While Mizaki was waiting Subject Minos came by asking for help after he gave his concern seeing Ignis trapped in there. He said that one of the shadows stated that she made a link but she won’t control him, just watch his every move. Mizaki offered her help and gave the lycans strict instructions to follow so they could do the ritual whenever he was ready. Torakoun and Q arrived at the church then and Mizaki explained to the two about finding Ignis in this state. For some reason Torakoun asked if Drake was ever at the church. Mizaki told her, she didn’t see the demon near the church. Q was a bit confused so she asked if she missed something. Torakound explained that Drake has done the same thing before, so this may not be a coincidence.

Torakoun was right, but what she didn’t know is the reason Drake trapped Ignis inside was to prevent the human from dying. He froze Ignis’s life as a whole. Since Ignis was apparently suffering from cancer and no one knew about it in the family. Sadly.