David was being such a kill joy. We were having so much fun in the lake when he just decided that we should all go back to camp and we didn’t need to do anything else for the day. After that he was just silent and acting weird. For the few years I have known David, I never saw him this way. He was the most carefree amongst the three of us. Dahlia told me not to worry about it, David tends to have his serious days, and apparently he picked this day. We went back to camp and just dried up, had a light dinner and sat around the campfire. David warned us not to go out to the well and if we needed water or anything he already stocked some for us. We slept soundly that night. Even I did which surprised me.

I woke up bright and early and feeling very energetic. I decided to start on breakfast, I heated up a pot of water so I could make some instant noodles soup, I realized I used all the stock of water, so I went to the well to re-stock. When I reached there I met a boy, he looked my age and he appeared to be using the bucket of the well to draw water. I nodded politely and he adjusted his glasses and smiled at me. He extended his hand towards me and I oddly found myself reaching my hand towards his, it was weird, it was as if my body was going against my mind. I didn’t want to extend my hand but I did. The moment my hand touched his skin, I felt this weird sensation within me and there was a sudden change, the boy’s form just shifted in front of me. His normal skin tone started growing black, his normal physique expanding then out of his head two huge ugly horns stuck out and his once innocent smile appeared to be a nasty evil grin. He eyed me with his glowing yellow eyes beneath his glasses which appeared to have shifted as well looking more ancient. I was too frightened to react or do anything; I was frozen in place staring at this ugly monster.

“Let her go!” I heard David’s voice but it didn’t sound like his usual angry voice, there was a different ring to it. His voice was firm and strong. When I looked towards him I noticed he was calm and his expression was blank. I forgot about the ugly monster for a second as my frightened expression looked surprised at the way David just asked the monster to let me go. I wanted to snort or laugh at him, I mean, come on David, like this six foot monster is going to let a seventeen year old dictate him. I stopped my mind ranting and kept my eye on David. The monster tightened his grip around my hand since I was trying to pull it back, and I winced slightly when I felt his hand growing spikes. “Let her go or I’ll kill you right here and right now.” David demanded then two huge beautiful white wings popped out from his back and he began to shift as well, he reached the height of the monster, he still looked like the young David but just much more older and mature. Silver armor started appearing all over his body out of nothing but silver sparkles and a bright silver sword appeared on his right hand, its tip pointed and extended towards the demon. David spread his wings and gripped his sword, his facial expression remained blank. “Will you let her go now?” David asked in a cold tone, the monster growled in anger, “So you’re hiding behind the image of a seventeen year old, pathetic angel.” He spat then suddenly a huge pointed tendril shot from the monster’s wrist towards my chest, I gasped as I felt the tendril inside me along with the instant pain and blood. I gritted my teeth and tried to remove the tendril which wasn’t hard because the monster thought I had enough and pulled it out in one swift motion which caused me to scream. I fell to the ground clutching my bleeding chest and gritting my teeth. The next thing I heard was David growling and clashing of armor before I lost consciousness.