Mizaki was heading for the church to check on Ignis when she was stopped by Lillica, the lycan hyper active wolf girl, well not so hyper, but just a real friendly soul. She asked Mizaki how Ignis was doing and Mizaki told her he was trapped inside the glass cage but the wolf girl was a bit confused she informed Mizaki she was talking with Ayato and she happened to see Ignis waltz out of the church. The mystic blinked and excused herself briefly, she ran to the church and to her surprise the glass case or Ignis was no where to be seen. Mizaki shrugged and went back out to join Lillica apologizing that she had no idea Ignis was already free in less than a day probably of being trapped plus she haven’t seen the ninja human around.

Lillica and Mizaki then had a nice conversation that included topics about the full moon, the dislike of getting eaten by lycans, how the wolves within lycans get hungry and want to hunt. They also spoke about Subject Minos and his current problem about the shadow demon. Lillica kind of confided in Mizaki that he was her ex boyfriend and he is no longer with the pack. Mizaki assumed he was since when she had gone with Mizu to help Sam with the heart problem, Lillica, Lily and Subject Minos were together and he was over protective of the two. Mizaki asked how Lily was and Lillica wasn’t too sure, she also said that Lily is kind of like a kid who get’s lost in a department store that has sharp objects all around, she’s always getting in trouble. Botht he brother and sister feline seem to be a huge target of possessions. Lillica also told Mizaki that she cared for two people in the church, Ayato and Q. She wished that during the full moon, her wolf won’t harm them. She also said that Savannah hates her for being close to Ayato and it made Mizaki chuckle because Savannah hates everyone anyways so she shouldn’t be too worried. She also told Mizaki about her wolf having an obsession with a staff that it stole from Duckie and buried in the church’s graveyard. Overall Lillica basically said as long as you don’t mess with the wolves they won’t mess with you, well her wolf at least, that is, if it wasn’t hungry.

The two had a long talk, it was like they have been friends for quite a long time, and this was a start of a possible long friendship. Mizaki laughed on the inside when Lillica told her that her wolf loved to pee on people close to her which was good since Mizaki would rather get peed on than be eaten. Lillica had to go then so they bid farewell to each other and Mizaki watched her walking away.