Mizaki walked towards the haven only to meet the petite demon she detested, Rozz approached her which made her want to flee but she stayed just to check if the demon would say something useleful, this is when Mizaki started started making her own demon rule book, if you’re a human and a demon comes near, first step is to RUN. Second step is to never look back. Sadly Mizaki didn’t have these rules yet so she stayed there, got punched and knocked out and dragged to the pit by Rozz.

Rozz tied her up against a wooden cross sort of object and then the torture began. Mizaki tried her best to remain level headed despite the ordeal she was going through, she couldn’t bring out any of her magic; she was terrified, scared and a bit lost with what to do. Rozz first used a dagger to carve over deeply over every marking of her tattoo, after Rozz was having her fun carving and slicing off the mystic’s skin, she just gauged out one of her eyeball and Rozz made a nice hole on Miza’s abdomen and shoved the eyeball within it then allowed the darkness to seal her abdomen with the eyeball in it. Miza was passed out by then so she got bored and dragged Mizaki’s body across the city and into the trash can, she made a call to the Righteous using Mizaki’s phone and didn’t disconnect it so that the Righties will be able to find her, if they realized what was going on.

Meanwhile Max got a phone call but she couldn’t hear anything, Ayato was in the church talking to Lillica and his phone was switched off, Uncle Sal received the same call and he kind of heard the distortion and the metallic sound of when the phone was thrown into the dumpster. Uncle Sal and Max were conversing now and discussing about where they would hear metallic sounds, it obviously sounded like someone threw the phone somewhere. Max and Uncle Sal began their hunt for Mizaki. Max had figured that it might have something to do with Rozz since she was known for throwing or trying to take their phones, well, Mizaki’s phone at least.

Max finally found Mizaki inside the dumpster behind the factory after checking the other dumpsters around the city. Uncle Sal checked a few as well; Max sent Uncle Sal a text informing him of her location and the old vampire in turn made a call to the Rightous informing them that they found Mizaki inside the dumpster. Max pulled out Miza’s broken bloddy and messed up body out of the dumpster gently trying to control the rage within her. Mizaki suddenly screamed coming out of consciousness since she felt all the pain of her previous ordeal rush towards her form. Max healed most of Miza’s worst wounds slightly. Ignis arrived at the scene and he was shocked to see Mizaki’s state as well, he injected her with a pain killer he had in his pouches which he got from the hospital. Uncle Sal suggested that they take her to the hospital, it’s best to treat her there than stay out in the open. Ignis helped Max to carry Mizaki while Uncle Sal walked behind them checking around the area for anything suspicious.

The group arrived at the hospital and Mizaki was layed on one of the beds. Ayato and Lillica were already in the hospital and it looked like Lillica went through something of her own, she looked scared when they group entered and hid behind Ayato. The much younger vampire Rightous asked them what happened and Max just mentioned Rozz’s name and Ignis told Ayato that Rozz skinned off Mizaki’s tattoos and one of Mizaki’s eyes was missing. Mizaki was unconsious and covered with dried blood. Her arms were missing part of its skin and there were dagger slices all over her chest, her stomach looked like it has been sealed shut by some burns of darkness.

Lillica heard Rozz’s name too and that was enough for her to go try to help Mizaki, she told Ayato to get her bag of herbs which was under the other hospital bed, she then asked if anyone was a healer as she worked on trying to apply some sort of paste in Mizaki’s exposed skin. Max was annoyed and she wanted revenge on Rozz, Uncle Sal was in the backround being quiet and only speaking when necessary, he told the Righteous to be patient and they will strike at the right timing, for now it’s best to focus on trying to fix Mizaki up. Mizaki regained consciousness again and just uttered Rozz’s name before passing out again. Since it was confirmed now that it was really Rozz, Uncle Sal sent a formal mssage to all the Righteous. Both Max and Lillica worked on healing Mizaki. Max haled her wounds and Lillica applied some sort of yellow paste over Mizaki’s still bleeding wounds saying it would stop the bleeding. She also informed Max not to come near her because she wasn’t in good terms with the church but since Mizaki was nice to her, she wanted to help.

It seems Lillica had a problem with one of the Righteous, but no one knew yet apart from Ignis for Lillica thanked him for saving her from his own family. Ignis also thanked her for the tea she gave him during his sick days. Apparantly Ignis went through an operation with Felice and Elsurion so he is cancer free. Neither Lillica nor Max knew how to fix Mizaki’s missing eyeball. Ignis called for reinforcements. Some of Mizaki’s skin was still missing and the eyeball was inside her which was causing her to clutch her stomach, she tried to tell them that there is something inside but she was having trouble saying the words because of the pain within her abdomen.

Gnocca arrived because of Ignis’s call and she preformed the healing ritual, praying and allowing Mizaki’s body to regrow the skin with the help of her holy healing energies. She managd to fix Mizaki’s skin, but she still didn’t realize that there is an eyeball inside Mizaki’s stomach. Gnocca gave Mizaki a bit more relief so she wouldn’t feel the pain in her stomach temporarily which allowed the girl to inform them that her eyeball must be in there. Max vowed revenge and when Ignis said he will have to cut Mizaki open again to get her eyeball out, Uncle Sal and Ayato bailed due to the amount of blood that will possibly be involved, Lillica went along with Ayato. Ignis made a clean cut on Miza’s belly after feeling the bump of the eyeball, Gnocca was also ready and she used her energies to quickly heal Mizaki. Ignis got Mizaki’s eyeball and handed it to Gnocca who securely put it back in Mizaki’s eyes using her healing energy ofcourse.

Mizaki’s eye wasn’t totally healed so it was a bit blurry but she was okay none the less, the only thing that was crushed within her was her pride. She felt totally embarrassed to have been a victim to the petite demon and she felt sorry that she had to pull everyone who helped her out of what they were doing. Uncle Sal, Max, Ignis, Ayato, Lillica and Gnocca, all of them helped her and she hardly knew any of them. She was forever thankful and blessed. She made a vow not to fall victim again.