It was late in the night when Mizaki woke up clutching her chest; she was surprised when she didn’t find any wound. She looked around noting that she was still in the camp and in her tent, she walked out of the tent to find Dahlia and David talking. Dahlia appeared to be crying and rushed towards her for a hug. Mizaki hugged her back tightly totally confused about the day’s happenings. David stood up looking like his usual self, no wings or older look. But Mizaki will never forget the look on his face when the monster had her in its clutches. After Dahlia stopped crying and just leaned on Mizaki, the three of them sat around the camp fire.

David began to speak, “I know I have a lot of explaining to do.” He eyed Mizaki, she just nodded and patted Dahlia who just eyed the ground. It looked like she already got a head start on the subject while Mizaki was sleeping. “I am not human which I am sure was pretty obvious back there. I didn’t tell you both about this earlier because there are certain rules that I have to follow and you both wouldn’t have believed me anyways and thought I was crazy.” He smiled slightly then went on, “First I’ll explain what happened to you Mizaki.” He eyed Mizaki with a stern expression though it seemed more like he was pondering something as he looked at her, “That demon was attracted to you, something within you. I am not sure myself what you are but in time we’ll all know. My main mission here was only involving Dahlia.” He said.

“A demon?” Mizaki asked with a confused expression, “That monster was a demon?” she asked again and David nodded his head, “Yes it was a demon.” He eyed Dahlia who remained quiet. “You see, I was sent here to watch over Dahlia. I am her guardian angel. I altered her memory a bit to make her believe I was her cousin, but I am not. My mission was to watch her and guide her once she is ready to accept the amount of power that is rightfully hers.” He stated and cleared his throat, “Just like her mother before her, Dahlia has a gift of telepathy, premonitions and telekinesis. Her mother also went to law school and was a successful lawyer; she won so many cases and put so many people to justice. Until a demon got obsessed with her, he wanted her attention and he got it, he went on serial killings posing as a normal human, of course her mother caught him but she wasn’t prepared for the fight and she lost.” David said bitterly, “I must take part of the blame because I was too careless I didn’t see it in advance. I wasn’t able to protect her; Dahlia was just four years old when it happened. I knew about the Furkan orphanages and I managed to shift my form to look Dahlia’s age, we were taken into a smaller branch of the orphanage then later when we grew older we got shifted to the one we are at now.” David sighed, “The demon you met, Mizaki. It’s the same one who killed Dahlia’s mother.” Mizaki just eyed him, her expression blank as she was trying to grasp all the information. She wrapped an arm around Dahlia and squeezed the girl tight.