David told Mizaki that the demon got away after their brief battle, he figured out the demon’s lair was under the well. He brought the bleeding Mizaki back to camp and found Dahlia resuming Mizaki’s attempt to make breakfast when she freaked out seeing the amount of blood on Mizaki and the fact that David had wings and looked older, David didn’t shift back quickly since he wanted to heal Mizaki first, which he proceeded to do in their tent and the girl just slept on until that moment when he cleared all the missing pieces. He also explained to both of them that while they were swimming in the lake he sensed a presence but he couldn’t quite pick up what it was which got him restless and fearful for their safety. Even during that night he found Mizaki near the well he sensed some dark aura and pulled her away. David was always ahead of everything and he wished they didn’t have to go on this trip which exposes them to more supernatural. At least they were safer in the orphanage.

“When I first met you, Mizaki, I instantly sensed something within you, plus with all the weird things that you made happen in the orphanage with just your thoughts, I knew it wasn’t just a coincidence you wound up in this particular orphanage, maybe the big guy up there was trying to give me extra work or something.” David chuckled then sighed, “Either way, I am going to be helping you both.” He eyed Dahlia and Mizaki, the two girls appeared shocked and shaken with all the talks about supernatural. “But, Mizaki, I have no idea what you are capable of or your history, so we might just discover things on the way, Dahlia on the other hand, you’ll get your powers when you turn eighteen, which isn’t far away.” He smirked. Dahlia just shrugged and excused herself and went inside her tent. Mizaki watched her with a curious expression; she didn’t blame Dahlia for her reaction. Finding out about half your history in one day when you’ve spent your life not knowing could be very hard to digest in a few minutes. She turned to eye David then and asked the first question that popped into her head, “How old are you?” David eyed Mizaki with a flat eyed expression, “Out of all the things I was blabbing about, you’re more interested in my age?” He asked eyeing her with a grim expression. Mizaki smiled innocently, “Damn, David. It’s okay if you’re that old, we’ll still accept you either way.” She teased then sighed and just poked the fire pondering on all what was spoken about.

A loud crash of breaking glass echoed in the cave, “That fucking angel, I am going to burn him and use his wings to furnish this place.” He growled to himself out loud taking out his anger on all his belongings, he was slowly regenerating from all the damage David did to him. “The feather duster became stronger, maybe I should pose as a kid myself.” He growled as he recalled the fight when he nearly lost and was lucky enough to have enough energy to teleport back to his lair. He walked over to the other room where he preserved her body, his spike chains were still wrapped around her. He grinned as he looked over her lifeless form, “I know where to plant your body now.” He snickered then waved his hand creating a portal, the body levitates behind him silently. He appeared in the Furkan orphanage, he could sense they lived here and he smiled to himself, the body levitated to the center of the hallway and dropped silently the chains making a slight cling sound, it was still dark and the lights were closed in the orphanage. “Let this be a warning, angel.” He said before he disappeared back into the portal and sealed it shut leaving behind his work of art to be discovered by the world.