It was a calm and quiet night, so it appeared to be. There was something eerie about this one particular night. I was barely awake yet I felt the dry blood along with the excruciating pain on my forehead slowly lulling me to sleep. I fought it to stay awake, just a little while longer. I could hear her light footsteps, as she gently supported my weight against her shoulder. I could also hear her heavy breathing, I knew she was worried, but she kept on moving and dragging me with her by the waist, I felt my legs grow numb. I couldn’t walk on any further so I just hung onto her for support until I fell on the cold pavement. I don’t exactly recall what happened that night, but I know if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be alive today. Her soft hands caressed my forehead then I heard her light footsteps walk away. She came back a little later and half dragged, half carried me towards a wall, or perhaps, a door. I couldn’t move nor open my eyes, I just wanted to sleep. She stroked my hair and pecked me on the cheek then I felt her quick breathing nearing my ear, “We’ll meet again, Mizaki.” She murmured and seemed to have held her breath for a second. I wanted to call out to her and beg her not to leave me, but I didn’t have the strength. The last thing I remember was hearing her quick footsteps fading away from me. I completely lost consciousness.