He is gone. He just never came back, just like my parents before him. They left, never returned, I have no idea if they are still alive and I don’t even know why I’m writing this down. I guess I am just in one of those moods where I want to rant on paper and since I got this book as a gift from someone and instead of wasting it and turning it into a doodle book; I decided to maybe start ranting on this little olive book of mine. I love green, this kind of olive green and Fox knew I did, maybe that is why he just shoved the book hardly into my gut on my 18th birthday which was a week ago. Thanks a lot Fox, you’re the best. NOT. Fox is like an old friend, he tends to show up, disappear for a few months, and then just reappear again, sometimes I wonder if he is just a figment of my imagination, which is totally possible.

My mentor, master, teacher, big brother and only family just never returned, he said he was going out to return a few books he borrowed from the local library but he never came back. I went to the library and asked the lady at the front desk but she just shrugged at me, what is up with people these days? It’s like a crime to ask a simple question. Lucky for me a librarian overheard me and told me that he didn’t come in, apparently she knew him very well since she helped him on his research. He didn’t return the books he borrowed and I had no idea where to look for him next apart from the bar which was further up north from the library. I headed over there and it was a bit weird but I managed to get some answers, according to few of the drunken men and the bar tender, he came in with a peculiar person. Now, why did they call the person peculiar? They said he looked like a reanimated dead corpse. but I am sure there shouldn’t be anything peculiar about that.

Then it hit me. I remember him talking about working with a vampire about some documents he was seeking. It seems vampires are good at obtaining ancient scripts considering the blood suckers have lived for like a long time. Not that I have any against the blood suckers, most of the ones I have seen are hot. Not that I know many. If you’re a blood sucker and you’re actually reading this, I’m sorry and shame on you! Don’t read other’s personal journals and I am sure I didn’t leave it lying around!

I have no idea why I am writing so calmly about this whole matter but, it’s been a week and I am frustrated, I have no idea if I should just leave, what if he returns? What if he doesn’t? All these questions that appear in this little brain of mine are unanswered and they give me a major migraine. I have to leave, continue moving on. I realized I can’t really depend on anybody anymore, plus he left me loads of savings and his teachings, I think I finally understand the last lesson he gave me. Maybe he knew this was going to happen? Or he did plan to leave me? I hope not!!!

“Sephi, never ever give your real name to anyone. No matter what happens, even if you have a knife to your throat or a gun pointed at you. Never give your birth name out…do you hear me?” was what he said. I just nodded my head in the usual non caring teenager way, of course I would heed to that advice but it was odd, from all our sessions he always helped me with my most dominant element, I thought he would teach me another cool trick but he just gave me a pep talk about how my birth name could be used against me by other mean witches and warlocks. But the funny thing is, I never met any other witches or warlocks apart from Fox and him. I knew my parents, barely, they left when I was four, well, I am not even sure if they are still alive or if I will ever see them again. I always wondered, if they were alive, would they be able to use my birth name against me considering they named me??? 

I don’t even know why I am more worried about that, maybe because he is gone and no one is around to answer all these annoying sleep depriving questions. He usually tells me if he is going for a long trip and he would return on the exact date he tells me he would be returning, he never done anything like this before. I hope he is okay. I hope he returns soon or I will freeze his library…literally.