More than six months have passed. The most horrible six months ever. I haven’t even used my magic in all these months. Why? Because I didn’t need too, he always told me never to use my magic unwisely and to only use it when I am in danger, which was kind of impossible if you lock yourself up inside your room and only leave the house to buy stocks of food. Yes, for the last six months I have been wasting my time waiting around day and night for his return, but he didn’t come back and I am at my wits end. There are so many things I want to do, I have read almost every boring book he had in his library. I read about the twin towers that had a big deal in mages history, my history and so many others. Both the towers fell and now we’re all scattered around this little pretty map of Laurel. I went in-depth about each tower and it’s teachings, I have no opinion really, I think both the towers got a good point about their teachings, I am leaning more towards the Tower of Restraint but I like how the Tower of Ascent also focuses on unleashing and discovering your true potential, I mean what if I could actually turn a whole city into ice and freeze the fuck out of every single living person in it? Wouldn’t that be awesome, not that I plan to if it is possible, it’s just an interesting thought.

I am all packed up. I think I got what I need, I emptied his savings and my own savings, and if he does return to the empty house, hope he has some extra cash stashed away somewhere because I took it all. I didn’t pack much, just the basic items a traveler needs. I decided to call myself ‘Sephi’ from now on, since he gave me that nickname, might as well use it to conceal my true name. I have this hand drawn map of Laurel next to me, I wish I found this in his pile of books earlier. Yes, I totally raided his study room. Maybe it would have quickened my decision to leave if I did this three months ago. I decided to head in the direction of the Tower of Restraint. I just found my dusty forgotten olive leather book under a pile of all the bunch of books I have been reading. I read the first entry and mentally hit myself in the head for forgetting about writing in this thing. I can easily memorize words, letters, poems and stories but I tend to forget things I have planned especially if something else pops up in my mind almost instantly after anything I planned. Sue me for ADHD.

I don’t know what I am going to face in this journey but I got a plan of where to go at least, not that I intend to visit the Tower of Restraint itself. Maybe I might discover much better cities or even meet different kinds of people along the way. Of course, I know I shouldn’t be too friendly because, “You can’t trust anybody with the power you have within you. Trust nobody but yourself, even our own kind will turn against us for our power. We’re a power hungry race, that’s what we mages are.” is exactly what he said. I keep remembering things he told me during our training sessions. I should actually write them all down one time, I know I don’t have too since I would never forget them. Being alone for six months with no one but books to converse with was awesome though, like totally, someone should design a book that recognizes sarcasm and highlights it in red or some sarcastic color, if there is such a thing.

I left him a message that only he could decipher, in case he does return and I told him I am so not sorry for taking all the money and freezing his library, which would take a while to melt down, and I mean a really long while, unless another mage comes by and decides to melt it quicker. I wonder if Fox would know where I am heading. I have no way of contacting him so I also left him a message if he ever decides to pass by. At least he’d know my plans. I am sure he will enjoy my little frosty trick. Though I dread to think about what revenge he would give me afterwards. After all right now, he is the only other mage I know. But he mostly keeps to himself. Well, I should stop ranting and get going. I am sure I’ll have plenty to write…soon.