Last two years have been a blur, I am going to be twenty one soon and to be honest, I haven’t even done anything worthwhile in all this traveling. I thought I would be able to find something, maybe a group of people who are like me and not after my power, or maybe some real friends along the way. But all I found was people who kept to themselves and I did the same. During my initial days I had to use a little bit of magic to freeze water just to make my path easier, I was too lazy to go around lakes or rivers. I never faced any hostile encounter so I didn’t have any reason to freeze a person along the way as much as I would have loved too. I kept on travelling, going in the direction of the Tower of Restraint, the cities I passed by were the same, mostly in ruins, tension in the air, people going about in their own business and some of them looked super suspicious. I never stayed longer in any place. I only stayed a maximum of six months and then moved on.

I did so many odd jobs. I worked as a data entry clerk for a book store, just passing my days typing down book titles and summaries. In one city I worked in a clothing store as a sales person. I never tried getting into any food joints, I don’t know much about food, except what to eat. I grew up mostly living in my parent’s cottage deep within the forest on fruits and vegetables. He was the one who always cooked for us, he taught me how to make veggie stew, bean burger and mash potatoes. I am not a big fan of meat but since I have been living alone, I got used to have a little meat in me occasionally especially for a long journey. What I haven’t had in all this time are cookies and sweet stuff. I vaguely remember my mother used to bake cookies. He used to bring me some when he went to get supplies from the cities and of course when we moved to the city; it wasn’t hard to find some sweet delicacy. I am kind of craving them. It’s just that the last two years went by really quickly; I just focused on my jobs, did some reading at the local library of each city, ate and slept. I have been living in motels, not really fond of those places at all.

It would be a lie if I say I haven’t met people. I met a lot of people, it’s just I never got acquainted with them; the conversations never surpassed the normal daily stuff. They didn’t seem to want to initiate and neither did I. The city I am currently staying at is the noisiest one. I always hear random gunshots and the gossips around the city are always relating to bloodshed and murder. I have enough savings from when I left home, I wasn’t a quick spender and I spend only when I really need too. I don’t think I need to get a job here, I decided maybe I’ll look for the local library tomorrow, if there was one and do some reading, more research on what’s been happening around the world.

The exalted war was the main event that had happened way back and no one is even sure of the outcome of this war. Who won? Who lost? Nobody knows. From all the reading I have done, it has always been the same information, nothing more, nothing less just so much of speculations and assumptions. I know that there are angels amongst us but I never met any or maybe I did but never noticed, which was a good thing. I know they kind of hate mages. From most of the documentaries I read, mages performed extreme experiments on them to learn more about the magic, the power within these beautiful and tattered beings which obviously caused them to hate us and exterminate us. I don’t understand why he never warned me about the angels. He warned me about the mages and now I find out even other races wanted our heads. That’s just great.

It’s raining right now, sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it. I mostly love it though, all that rain just pouring down. I ain’t going to check it out or I might forget that I was writing in this book, after two freaking years, yes, give it up to me to just leave it in my bag under all the other junk I have in there. I got the room on the first floor this time, so I am happy about that, I hate higher floors, sometimes if there were no first or second floor rooms available, I’d just wonder around the city and keep to myself. That has worked fine with me. According to some, I seem to be lucky that I am in one piece. But according to myself, I think I have been very careful. I can’t afford to make one mistake. I am alone and if I slip, I will be…forgotten.