My first four months in this noisy city wasn’t that bad. I managed to do random painting jobs and babysitting. It was hard to get a good nanny around here. I witnessed a few minor conflicts between people but as much as I wanted to butt in, something within me told me to just walk away and mind my own business.

Revenge is sweet I guess for most. Fox found me and like I mentioned before, I knew I would dread his revenge for the way I left him a note. What I did? Well, Fox always loved sneaking through the windows; I put a curse around the windows. If someone or something were to pass through, they would slowly freeze, but it would last only for an hour. I am sure in that one hour he was half frozen he thought of a way to get back at me, even if it took him almost three years to finally find me. The note I left him was also placed in his favorite chair which was the only piece of furniture not frozen in that mini library, it was very simple, I didn’t leave any details, but fox was a tracker, he knew where to look and when. I guess he took his own sweet time to find me.

When I woke up the day of Fox’s arrival, the bed appeared to be levitating above the roof of the building when I peeked down I almost puked, that was a long fall. I managed to catch myself before I fell of the bed. I am afraid of heights, I tried to scream but I couldn’t, I just planted my face over the pillows while I breathed in and out slowly. I knew this was some really bad dream but then again I also felt the whole illusion feeling and who is the only asshole that loves to use illusions to mess with my head? Of course it was Fox. He knew how much I hated illusions plus heights! I managed to calm myself down but I couldn’t sit up just yet. I remained hunched over on the damn pillow. I finally called him a dickfaced asshole for this cheap revenge, it felt weird talking out loud to possibly nobody but I knew he was lurking around probably laughing his ass off mentally at how funny I look. I finally heard his usual shameless laughter and as much relieved I was that it was him and not some random stranger or else I would have been toasted I was still pretty pissed off with him for that. He finally took away the illusion and we were back in my crappy motel room, of course it took a bit of shaking for me to be able to sit up after I literally gave myself a heart attack. I shouldn’t have left the window open.

Fox told me he was heading for this city called Charm and he asked me if I wanted to tag along since it is kind of on the way to the Tower of Restraint. The local library at this placed sucked big time. They didn’t have much plus most of their books had missing pages, messy ink and broken covers. The librarian told me that the library was under attack at some point and the management never really cared to repair the books. Fox told me there is a much bigger library in the city of Charm and that is one reason why he asked me to tag along, he knew I loved freezing libraries which is true but I also love reading books more.

I am quite glad he found me. It is nice to have someone to talk to again. We discussed the Twin Towers together and other history subjects I read about. He also got me another book, the front cover titled ‘Loveless’ in fancy writing and inside a collection of really deep poems. We even went camping in the woods and he gave me a little training session considering it had been a while since I used magic. We decided to hang around in this place for another two months before setting off. He’s quite glad I used this gift as a ranting medium. I do plan to write more frequently if…possible.