I don’t even know why I bother to write stuff down, it’s so depressing. I have arrived in the city of Charm yesterday. I never planned to come here alone but, since Fox was heading here, I decided to check the city out, for his sake. Maybe he isn’t really dead? Maybe I just imagined it all. How his body exploded in front of me against the staff of that seeker.

Fox already knew he was being tracked by the seeker, what I don’t understand was why he didn’t take precautions about it. Sevestis detest seekers from what I have read in most libraries. Seekers were mages like ourselves but they are out to wipe away those of us who are insane or beyond out magic. Sevestis basically do whatever they want with their magic, they like the chaos, I knew Fox was a Sevesti and a damn good one. While we were out training one day, he warned me about the seeker that was tracking him down, he explained about how well geared up and probably quick this person will be. Ironically for us the seeker decided to strike right at that moment. He was quick and if Fox wasn’t quicker, blood would have already been spilled. Fox pushed me away with such a great force I flew a good distance apart and when I tried to go back, I wasn’t allowed. I was getting repelled back. The bastard must have formed a repelling shield around me so I couldn’t interfere. But I watched the whole battle, quite helplessly.

I don’t want to get into details of the fight like I am writing some novel, in fact, if I could forget about it, I would, but watching weapons clashing, punches being thrown, magic just swirling around, every single movement made was planted into my memory. The last strike gave me nightmares until this very day which I don’t like to speak about. The seeker had a staff which seemed to be his main medium for magic. I didn’t keep track of how long the battle took place but Fox must have miscalculated something and all it took was one touch from that staff which shattered him. It was like an explosion, I didn’t see any trace of his body, the shield that Fox trapped me in seized to exist; I was out in the open. I wanted to kill that seeker but before I could get to him, he also disappeared. I was left there in the middle of their battle field confused.

I thought seekers wanted to wipe out all the other mages, maybe this seeker had a score to settle with Fox, maybe it was something personal. After all, Since the Twin Towers fell seekers didn’t have superiors to report too; they basically live according to their own rules, just like all of the other mages.

Perhaps it was an illusion, I hoped it was an illusion but even after a few days there was no sign of Fox. He didn’t return, or re-materialize  I decided to move on quickly, waiting would only waste my time, as usual. I was alone once again and here I am in this city that the only person who remained with me wanted to visit. I quite forgot what Fox wanted to do in this city, I realized, he never told me why he wanted to visit Charm but that doesn’t matter. I made it here now and perhaps I might be able to find out…someday.