It’s been a week. I’ve been walking around the city, just observing citizens and various shops. I usually eat at the café. The city’s only motel that I came across is called ‘Motel 69’ like I would want to stay there, so I decided I’d rather just roam around and maybe look for an apartment. I hardly sleep anyways because of the nightmares. I mostly spend my time in the park, no much people lurk around there. I was still on the lookout for the library but I couldn’t find it. Most of the buildings I came across were abandoned. There was a huge mansion on one end of the city which I stayed away from because it gave me the creeps. I found an abandoned church, it was in ruins, and the rafters above it were still stable so I tend to snooze a bit over there when I couldn’t stay awake anymore. I know it is suicidal but so far I have been lucky.

There was something strange going on around, like some lingering magic in the air. One day I noticed this lady with teal green hair, she was just walking and I found myself following her. Maybe it was her awesome hair? She stopped and I almost bumped into her but I got distracted by an arcane circle on the ground in the middle of the street. What the hell was that doing there? When I approached it, I got pushed back by some force so I just decided to mind my own business and let it be, after all, who would want to fight with an unknown arcane circle in the middle of the street. The green haired lady was called Aventurina but I decided to call her ‘Ms. A’ since her name was a mouthful. It is still a pretty name. I asked her if she knew where the library was located but unfortunately she was also new to the city. There was something weird though, when we shook hands, I felt a weird pulse, almost like a magical pulse with something else. I am not sure if I was just imagining it but she seems like a nice person, outwardly.

As I was going through the city, a flier just blew in my direction. It was a flier about a potion shop and an antique charms shop looking for employees. Initially I didn’t really think of looking for a job but I guess it was some sort of sign telling to get my ass in gear. I looked around and found the Zosimos Dreams and decided to lurk outside the shop and wait to see if someone entered or exited. I was more into brewing potions anyways. Plus he taught me a lot about potion making. I sometimes wonder if he is still alive.

One day, while I was waiting outside the Zosimos Dreams, by the lamp post, I spotted a lady entering the Honestea shop, I decided to take a little break from waiting and maybe have some tea. The lady’s name is Ms. Callie and she was really friendly and very helpful. She gave me some information about the potions shop and told me that the owner of the tea shop was working there. She even told me where the library was located, so now I could actually check it out anytime I want. In the end of our discussion, I decided to write a note and leave it under the door of the Potion’s shop. I just didn’t want to miss the opportunity in case someone came by while I wasn’t around.

I find myself wanting to document everything that has happened with me so far, maybe because this book was given to me by Fox and he wanted to come to Charm, but I am here instead, if he is still alive maybe I could just give him the book so he knows what has happened to me throughout my stay in this city. Denial is such a bad thing. Only time will tell what would…happen.