I think I broke his first rule. I actually told someone I am a mage, not only someone but two people. One of them even knows what type of magic I possess. But, I don’t regret coming out in the open to them. In my five years of wondering around cities and places, I have never met more friendly and honest people. I landed a job at the Zosimos Dreams as an assistant. Plus, I landed a new master or mentor, whatever you want to call it. Her name is Ms. Laine Crow and she is amazing, she was very kind to me and she told me so many things. I felt comfortable despite the little voice in my head, that repeats all his rules, being erratic. I guess there are some people you just tend to connect with during the first meeting. Some call it fate? Or destiny? After all, as most people believe the world works in mysterious ways and things tend to happen for a reason, there are no coincidences.

Ms. Crow told me she owned both the Potion Shop and the Charm Shop, plus she needed help running them. I agreed to start off as the assistant for Zosimos Dreams and work my way as a potion brewer. Since she didn’t have a delivery person, I could help with that too. She openly told me she was a mage which shocked me, but I guess with her being the owner of such shops, it wasn’t something hard to hide, hell even I assumed she was one. She offered to take me under her wing and train me which totally made my day. All those hours of waiting around the shop were worth it. She even asked if I wanted to take the apprenticeship outside the shop, which means, she would be my official master, I actually have a master again, one who probably won’t disappear I hope, plus she’s a female! Not that I am sexist or anything, it would be nice to have someone who is like a mother figure since I never experienced that. Her magic was overwhelming, we kind of did a sort of ritual, it must have been some master and apprentice ritual, I felt instantly close to her afterwards. She also explained to me that my other bosses would be Poison, Pieter and Calleigh. I managed to meet Mr. Poison at that moment since he passed by the shop and was asking Ms. Crow about some weird thing in a jar.

Another thing, Ms. Crow asked me was if I wanted to join The Society, it seems that within the city there are a group of mages who actually stick together like a family despite their difference in belief. Just like Ms. Crow stated, “…we cannot deny we are much stronger together.” I know she said it a few hours ago but it is still ringing in my head. She told me to seek the mage Vorst whom Mr. Poison said never wants to be found and was only around when he needs to be plus also in the most inconvenient times. It made me wonder how I would find such a person. Ms. Crow told me she would let her familiar assist me. I heard the cawing of her crow that seemed to be flying around outside the shop. Mr. Poison was also the owner of the tea shop, which totally reminded me of that day I met Ms. Callie, there were weird marks on the door and also on the counter. The guy seemed real nice especially after he promised Ms. Crow he won’t blow up the new assistant, meaning me of course. I knew he was joking, I mean, he could possibly blow me up if I gave him a good reason too.

Ms. Crow left for her other shop because she had some business to take care of leaving Mr. Poison to explain a few stuff to me about the shop. He instructed me to mix  a potion which was called the ‘True form’ potion. He told me it would turn a person into their true form, how awesome is that? Imagine all the wolfies actually turning into wolves and the blood suckers looking all blood deprived and as pale as corpses. What I didn’t know was even nameless can turn into their true forms. I had read about familiars in one of the libraries back then but I never really tried to look for mine, I had no idea what sort of animal would love following me around. Mr. Poison told me of rare cases such as one of the mages actually turned into a dragon and he himself turned into a poison tree. In fact when he tested the potion I mixed together after he finished it, it turned strands of his hair into leaves, I was totally amazed by that, it’s the first time I watched another person working on potions apart from he who disappeared. I also met Bruco, Mr. Poison’s familiar, who was a cute rabbit, I expected his familiar to be a walking tree of some sorts.

Mr. Poison consoled me a bit because I was worried I would screw up considering it has been a while I messed around with potions. I was allowed to hang around the shop and start working, so here I am quickly writing down everything just so I won’t be too lazy later. I plan to quickly run around the city and start looking for this prince mage Vorst person. Mr. Poison said I would get along with him because he apparently uses the same element as mine, Ice. This will be…interesting.