Yes! I finally got into The Society! But before I go on a rant about how that happened, I’ll rant about how my days went by. I mostly spent my time at the shop since I have nowhere else to go plus I haven’t even met any of the other employees. I haven’t had any luck finding the Vorst. I used some pages from my sketch book and created some fliers for the potion shop and I have been handing them to random people I saw on the streets.

There was this guy all geared up and just standing in the middle of the street, he said he was waiting for a war. I think the poor guy needs some screws adjusted. I also met a nice lady at the café called Ms. Gwen who told me a few stories about the weird people lurking around. She also said that she reads a lot in the library and the head librarian is teaching her how to meditate and focus well. I am not sure if she is a mage too, but she could be, anyone could be. She ordered this black liquid that the waitress called coffee, I have never had this before but the waitress said it would help to keep you awake so whenever I go to the café, I tend to order some coffee, it tastes super nasty though. I met Ms. A again outside the café again but she seemed a bit out of it so I wasn’t able to converse with her much.

Ms. Crow visited the shop and she introduced her familiar to me, the crow seemed a bit angry or he didn’t want to be parted from his charge, hell, even Ms. Crow didn’t seem to want to part with him. I assured her that I wasn’t going to run around that day to look for the Vorst who doesn’t want to be found so we discussed shop matters. She wanted me to get a box of candy which she ordered from the candy shop which was moved to the charms shop.

One thing that totally made me want to crawl under a hole and die was the fact I didn’t even notice Ms. Crow was blind. She appeared so carefree and confident. Maybe she uses a bit of magic to see, I don’t know. I am meaning to ask her about it. I want to ask her about a lot of things. I guided her to the other shop, it was different, much more homey and the antique stuff all around had a good feel, but I wasn’t able to really check it out at that moment for when we entered the smell of smoke was in the air. There was a redhead who seemed to be lecturing some guy, the redhead is Ms. Calleigh, one of my bosses. She seems like a scary lady but she seems like a nice lady too, I guess you tend to get mixed feelings about certain people. She was telling Ms. Crow about untrained employees and she was talking about some amulets, I don’t quite remember much. One of Ms. Crow’s room divider was burning, apparently the guy, his name is Mr. Christian, set the antique room divider on fire. He did say he was going to fix it and took it with him to the back of the shop.

Ms. Crow was really angry about it but she looked like she was controlling herself. I just minded my own business, the place was getting crowded, another lady entered, dressed in purple, I didn’t catch her name. She seemed to be wanting to talk to Ms. Crow for she stood next to the lady, I went into the back room and grabbed the box of potion filled candies as Ms. Crow instructed me too but I couldn’t leave yet because every time I wanted to head for the door, someone would say something and when I finally got to head to the door, this creepy-chilled- hooded from head to toe-person entered the shop filling the whole room with the best ever blizzard of cold air you could ever imagine. I was so freaking jealous. The man was asking Ms. Crow about someone who was supposed to be seeking him out, I was too dumb to realize that the man was the prince mage I’ve been seeking. So, he did find me, I guess Mr. Poison was right about that, he just appears at the most inconvenient time. Another blonde lady entered the shop that seemed to be working there for she knew her place around and Ms. Crow was conversing with her. Ms. Calleigh had to go just as the Vorst entered.

I sucked it up and totally spoke up even though I was kind of scared, well it was a mixture of fear and jealousy really. He actually gives you the Ice feeling I always wanted to give people when I walk by. He asked me why I was looking for him. I told him I wanted to join the Society plus I couldn’t help but challenge him mentally by charging up my magic a bit, which was the first time I did it ever since I entered the city. I was surprised he actually realized it and challenged me back. “See little one it isn’t that hard for a fox to recognize another fox.” He said this, which was ironically true, before he pointed his hilt at me and a dangerously sharp sword of pure glacial ice was pointed at me even before I could blink, it shattered and then he told me it was my turn toshow off. I just did the most simplest thing I could think off, I decided to send him a flying ice eagle, it was the first thing my first mentor taught me, cute and deadly in my opinion, just a hovering little ice eagle, seemed harmless but I sent it towards him in such a speed before shattering it as well. I got accepted then into the Society, I didn’t expect it to be that easy even though I was totally scared of the man, maybe my jealousy range overruled it because he was more awesome than me, but it worked out for the best in the end.

I was happy I got in. Ms. Crow said she would show me the base of The Society tomorrow, so I finally managed to take my leave, carrying the box of candy from the charms shop to the potions shop. I sorted out all the jars at the back and now here I am just writing away like a ranting idiot. Also, the Vorst said he was holding a lecture during the week and I might like what I hear so I should… attend.