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Mizaki was examining her blade and she sighed heavily. Her own blade caused her so much grief because every time she summoned them, she remembered her. Her beautiful smile whenever she saw Mizaki, her warm hug, her constant worry and her effort to protect. Brina, that’s her name. She was the toughest human out there, until those wretched shadows took her life and took her away from Mizaki. How they did it, she will never know. Deep inside her, she knows Brina wouldn’t want her to find out, but she wants to know, yet, she isn’t ready to accept it. Maybe when she is ready she will face it head on and search for the truth behind Brina’s death. Mizaki gave Brina the other half of her blade to help her protect herself, but, it obviously wasn’t enough. This is Mizaki’s greatest failure, not being able to save the one person who truly loved her and looked out for her, not being able to save the one she vowed to protect. Mizaki kept asking herself, “What the hell was I doing when she was dying, when she was suffering.” Mizaki Sighed again and placed her blade on the altar and eyes it pondering the memories she had with Brina, the first time they met when Mizaki showed Brina the church, the day Brina joined the Righteous, the day she returned to find Brina left the Righteous for reasons she couldn’t blame her for, those random moments when they would just laugh and hug each other, those scary moments when they are in the midst of trouble, those moments when Miza would summon a blanket for her when she fell asleep in the church…Mizaki chuckled as she remembered and sighed again then whispered, “I’ll always remember you Brina…you’re always in my thoughts, in my heart, everywhere I go. You have given me warmth that will always engulf. Your determination, passion, especially about what you believe in, and strength will never be forgotten. You reminded me of my humanity, I’ll always love you, My human…the one I wasn’t able to save…my biggest regret and my biggest failure.” Mizaki took back her blade and stroked its tip before making it disappear into a cloud of icy smoke wondering when would be the next time she would summon it and remember Brina.