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Mizaki flopped down on the docks near the ocean and took off her boots and dipped her feet in the water. She closed her eyes and was suddenly reminded of the scent of fish. She opened them and looked around, seeing she was still alone, she felt a sudden breeze and was reminded of her brother, Ignis. She eyed her feet and began to recollect her times with Ignis, those quiet days when they just sat next to each other in silence. Those funny times when she used to surprise attack him and he would beat her up just so she would learn. He was the biggest brother any girl would’ve hoped for and Mizaki felt lucky to have him even if he wasn’t her blood brother, but to her he is the only person equal to one. She wondered what he was doing, how was he, it’s been a while since she heard from him and she truly missed those days that they spent together. She missed watching him fight, she missed his guidance, and she missed him. He has such a kind and understanding personality plus his will to survive and protect those that matter to him was unique. The siblings by choice may not seem to talk much ever since she carried the burden of wings, but there are just certain things that have to be left unsaid and unspoken off. She knows her brother is happy, he found the love of his life among those in Fish Co he vowed to protect. Mizaki smiled as she thought about him and Talon, “May you both always be happy. I am always here when you need me.” She said out loud as if they were in front of her as she took her feet off the water and stood on the docks overlooking the ocean, she plucked a feather and held it close to her heart, “I miss you Ignis, brother.” She whispered then released her feather to the wind and watched it swift away across the ocean.